Preach Stephen.Com’s Response

Preach Stephen.Com’s response has been phenomenal and we are excited after recording over 10,600+ visits in the last 7 days. We have logged over 132,800 + visits since our launch in late January 2007! Thanks for Your Support and please spread the word that this is a place to get the good news and not the bad news that we hear all the time!


100,000+ Praise Break

Preach Stephen.Com will have it’s 100,000th visitor on today. Here’s our 100,000 visit Praise Break! We did it in 4.5 months. We’ll do the next 100,000 visits in a much shorter time frame!

What a Wonderful Start!

This blog, Preach Stephen.Com, which is in its infacy has garnered over 29,500 visits in a little over two months time. We are exceptionally excited about our fantastic start! Please pray for us and our continued success!