Can’t Sleep Until I Mess Someone Else Up?

Can’t Sleep Until I Mess Someone Else Up? There is a passage of scripture in the Wisdom Literature of the Bible that amazingly resonates with what my cousin and I had discussed for years when we were running the streets. While we were out there we often discussed that there were people that literally stayed up all night plotting on others. We used to say that they would be up plotting while others are sleeping. Well we didn’t know as heathens then, that we were all over the Word of God in that which we had surmised. Proverbs 5 verses 14- 17 provides the back drop for this post.

Proverbs 5 verses 14-17 reads as follows, (14.) Enter not into the path of the wicked, and go not in the way of evil men. (15.) Avoid it pass not by it, turn from it and pass away. (16.) For they sleep not, except they have done mischief, and their sleep is taken away, unless they cause some to fall. (17.) For they eat the bread of wickedness, and drink the wine of violence. Isn’t it amazing that there are those that can’t sleep, or get rest until they see others fall? Isn’t it amazing that there are those who are literally addicted to evil, and making others feel less than? While many of us are sleeping, there are those who will always be up in the night conjuring up diabolical plots.  There are literally those that can’t sleep until they mess someone else up!

Is it fair to reason that with some up all night, that many of us would find ourselves the targets of those who have been up all night plotting? Should those of us who are in sync with living right, be shocked when we find ourselves in the scopes of those who are busy plotting? Should you be surprised when you feel like your head,your feelings, and your general well being seems to be in the center of a target? Is your head seen as the bulls eye for the enemy, and his minions? All of these questions are brought to mind from this passage of scripture. This is the called the wisdom literature of the Bible and rightfully so because there is much to gleam from this passage of scripture.

We shouldn’t be ignorant of the enemy’s devices! There are those that will literally stay up all night to get over on us. There are those who are working hard to see your downfall. There are people that are addicted to doing harm to others. Maybe we as believers need to internalize this passage of scripture, and not walk around in a daze when others do us wrong. Let’s never leave the house on any day before immersing ourselves with prayer! My brother and my sister you will need it because every day we run into those who simply couldn’t sleep until they messed someone else up! Never leave your house and never wake up period without immersing yourself with prayer! We need it in our dealing with those who have been up all night plotting!

Relentless in My Pursuit of Him,

Pastor Stephen F. Smith