Icy Cold!

Matthew 24 verse 12 contains one of the many precursors of the end times that can be found in the Holy Bible. The words that are contained in this scripture definitely describes the day that we now live in. Matthew 24 verse 12 records the following-And because inquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. This scripture lets us know that because of the lawlessness of this age that the love of many shall grow cold. We are living in a day that must be the days portrayed in this scripture. Memphis,Tennessee recorded 5 murders in 1 day over the most trivial of disagreements. I would imagine that this could also be happening in most of the urban areas across our land. Where is the agape love that we once had where one would consider others before one would consider himself?

Lawlessness is abounding in practically every venue across the American marketplace. What was so unacceptable many years ago is now the norm across our land. Some are numbed by the extremes that our culture has come to. I would submit that even the hearts of many in the halls of grace have grown cold. We now take each other apart on blogs and the new Christian Blogosphere has many attacks blogs in it’s numbers. I am following several blogs that are filled with the vindictive posts of Christians who want their way. The come let us reason together phase of Christian Life has obviously passed!

We are attacking other Christians on the web, we are scandalizing those who have taken up the cause and the call of Christ online. Where are we going? Are we letting our lights shine? Who are we influencing? Are we as cold in the church as those who are in the world? If one is hurt in the world, can one come to the church as a safe haven? Sin has abounded for so long that some of our hearts have grown cold. We want God’s unconditional love, yet we never share the agape love with our own brothers and sisters of the faith. I humbly submit to you that the “I’m Going To Get Him Or Her Before They Get Me Age Of The Christian Church” has now arrived. Let’s consider our ways and put an end to this now!

Pastor S. F. Smith

Sure House Church, Inc.