Jesus is Still Angry!

Pastor Patrick Wooden is a bright brother and a preacher of Holiness that pulls no punches!

I have heard Pastor Wooden many times, and this is definitely one of the best messages that I have ever heard him deliver! Pastor Wooden will need our prayers because I believe that he will soon be used greatly on the world stage!


Don’t Be Troubled!

Pastor Dennis Martin preaches Don’t Be Troubled! Pastor Martin is a classic revivalist, and a great evangelist! The brother is a Holiness Preacher through and through!

Preach Dennis Preach! Man, I am going to send an offering on this one! What happened to preaching like this?

Preach Bishop Preach!

The late Bishop G. E. Patterson preaches with power in these clips!

This man was a Gem of a Preacher!

Prophet Nathan Simmons Could Take You To Church!

More of the late Prophet Nathan Simmons’ Preaching and Moving in the things of God!

Success Was First a Bible Thing!

Success Was First a Bible Thing! Pastor Stephen F. Smith preaches on Joshua 1 verse 8 with Power in his sermon How Are We Failing An Open Book Test?

Elder S. E. Mitchell

The late Elder S. E. Mitchell was one of the favorite preachers of my spiritual father, the late Bishop Gilbert E. Patterson. Enjoy this clip of this great preacher preaching Lord Revive Me!

Peace in the Midst of a Storm!

The late Bishop Gilbert E. Patterson powerfully preaches Peace in the Midst of a Storm!