Speaking Peace Amidst Life’s Storms!

Speaking Peace Amidst Life’s Storms! All of us have had to deal with storms in our lives. I am not speaking about the atmospheric and weather related storms, but I am speaking of those times when life seems to move on you! We all have had those moments when we looked upward and even asked God those timeless words, “Why Me?” Yes we have each had those times when we felt like our heads, our bodies, and our entire lives were being bashed in by the hammer that we call life! Pain and disappointment have knocked on our door so much that some of us feel that they are neighbors. God how in the world can we get out of this storm! Well My Brother and My Sister the 4th Chapter of the Gospel of St. Mark records Jesus’ response to a storm in his life! Jesus spoke peace to this great storm that rose up in this chapter! Jesus’ words are those that are in the Red! Those that are in the red, are what you and I should take hold as Rhema Words!

A Rhema Word spoken to any storm in your life will still any storm that is raging in your life. Matthew 4 verse 4 records the words: Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. Well folks in this text the word “word” that is used in this text in the Greek is the Word Rhema! There are two Greek words for the Word! The First is the Logos which represents the Written Word! Rhema represents a tailor-made or personal use of the Word of God that applies specifically to your current situation. The Logos records the stories of many of the patriarchs and matriarchs of the Faith, while a Rhema words speaks specifically to the Hell on Earth State that you seem to be living in right now.There is a Rhema word for nearly any storm that you seem to be weathering!

If you are going through financially, Philippians 4 verse 19’s speaking of My God Shall Supply All of Your Needs According to His Riches in Glory should jump off of the pages of The Holy Writ! No one likes storms, but if you build yourself up in the Word of God you will find that in the confines of The Word of God is a word that will speak peace to your storm! Saints we have to stand on the Word of God even when the storm’s winds seem to be festering at a record clip! Yes even in the midst of you shedding tears of agony, we need to continue to stand on the Word of God! Inside of The Word of God is that passage of scripture that would resonate Peace in the midst of all of life’s storms! It is foolhardy to not expect storms in your life! In the scriptures wherever storms are recorded they are representative of trouble! Well if you didn’t follow me on the storm piece, I know that we are all familiar with trouble! Trouble has seemed to have all of our numbers at home and even sometimes at work and church!

Your trial isn’t greater than the Word of God which will calm any and every storm! There is not a storm that the enemy can send your way that the Word of God can’t bring you out of! In the midst of your storm, let your fingers do the walking through the Word of God until you find that which speaks specifically to your situation! The Word of God is a Storm Chaser that has never met its match! Are you bold enough to speak The Word of God to your case right now? When you do I wholeheartedly believe that Your Storm Will Soon Have to Pass Over You! You are not going under Saints, but you are Going Over! I see you in a future where your hands and your entire being grips the Word of God as the greatest protection from storms in your life! Still your mouse for a second and speak the Word to your storm! It will soon be over Folks!

Additional Preaching Note: When is the last time that you spoke to a raging storm in your life? Could it be that you lack of doing so, may have led to your current storm raging much longer than it should have? Put your head in the Word of God and locate that special Rhema Word that will be a storm-chaser without compare! The Word of God can and will speak Peace to any storm that you are weathering! Preach Steve Preach! The Weatherman ain’t got nothing on me! He records the storms, while I repel the storms with God’s Word!

Relentless in My Pursuit of Him,

Pastor Stephen F. Smith