The Man in the Mirror

There are so many Christian Blogs where attacking other Christians is now the norm. We have Heresy Hunters, Church Gossip Columns, Michael Baisden’s Pulpit Pimps, The Scores of other Lesser Knowns Lightweights  Who are also Looking For Pulpit Pimps, and the many other generally unhappy Christians who seek to have other Saints join their misery! Maybe we should look at the man in the mirror before we throw stones at others. Many Christians are now living in elaborate glass houses of theological correctness and have the audacity to throw stones. This is a word to the “such were some of you” crowd that has forgotten the depths of sin that God has delivered you from. Should we book Michael Jackson for the next mega Christian Conference to sing his hit Man in the Mirror? Sure he is not a Christian, but the words of his song applies to many Christians in this day! Sweep around your own front door before you sweep around the front doors of others. Start changing the Christian world with correcting the man or woman in the mirror first! I have a  story to illustrate this point. There was an older successful pastor who was asked by a younger pastor, How Do I Build a Perfect Church? The older pastor instructed him to go home and put everybody out of the church and while doing so he also needed to make sure that he did not go in himself, then when the building is completely empty then he would have a perfect church. Yes, the church has problems as virtually any other institution in this world that deals with people has. Don’t air all of those problems over the web! In your quiet time consider how you could make the church a better church. Look at the man in the mirror first!