We’ve Got the Victory!

Yolanda Adams sings about the “Victory” that we all have in Jesus! Read the powerful lyrics of this song!

Thank God We Have The Victory!

I’ve got, got the victory
I’ve got the sweet sweet victory in Jesus,
Yes I do!
He is our mighty conquerer,
In Him I will trust, all my battles He’ll fight.
I’ve got, got the victory
I’ve got the sweet sweet victory in Jesus.
For me He died but He rose on the third day
Thats why I have true victory everyday!

[Verse 1]
Truly I’ve been through the storm and rain.
I know everything about heartache and pain.
God carried me through it all
Without His protection I’d surely fall.
Ive been broke without a dime to my name.
But all my bills got paid because I called on Jesus name.
You can’t tell me that God isnt real ’cause I’ve got the victory and that’s why Im still here.


[Verse 2]
I’m not worried about material and things I dont have
I’m just blessed cause Im sure i’m in my Saviors care
Because I know that my blessing is on the way
I can’t see it right now but I stand by faith.
I’ve fought many, many battles in His name
I’ve held up the blood-stained banner and proclaimed
That Jesus is the truth and the light:
Believe me when I say He will make it right!


Yeah I got the victory yeah
I got the victory yeah yeah yeah
[And if you have the victory sing it with me]
Yeah I got the victory yeah I got the victory
Yeah yeah yeah
[I’ve got the victory Sing it with me]


Andrae Crouch is a Great Gospel Duet Singer!

Andrae Crouch is a Great Gospel Duet Singer! Over the years he has done duets with Tata Vega, Yolanda Adams, Chaka Khan, and certainly Sandra Crouch! We will feature the duets in the same order as they were named earlier in this post!

Jesus is Real!

Enjoy this clip of John P. Kee and New Life Chorale singing Jesus is Real! They are assisted by Yolanda Adams, Vanessa Bell Amstrong, and Beverly Crawford.


Stand as performed by Pastor Donnie McClurkin, Kim Burrell, Evangelist Dorinda Clark Cole,Mary Mary, and Yolanda Adams!

Oh Holy Night

Yolanda Adams is singing Oh Holy Night in this clip!

Yolanda Adams!

Yolanda Adams singing!

Yolanda Adams !

Yolanda Adams singing, “Thank You Lord”!