Preach Bishop Noel Jones!

Preach Bishop Noel Jones! Bishop Noel Jones preaches with power in these clips from yesteryear! The word that he preached is still a relevant word! Enjoy these clips!

Yes Bishop Jones Can Preach!

Yes Bishop Jones Can Preach! Bishop Noel Jones is a preacher for sure! Here are two separate clips that prove this point!

Have You Seen It Yet?

Have You Seen It Yet? There is only one Bishop Noel Jones!

I Will Not Be Distracted!

I Will Not Be Distracted! Bishop Noel Jones does it again!

Off the Hook!

Bishop Noel Jones powerfully preaches again!

The If Not Clause!

Bishop Noel Jones powerfully preaches The If Not Clause!

It’s Time to Shine!

It’s Time to Shine! Bishop Noel Jones powerfully preaches It’s Time to Shine!


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