Breaking Life’s Holding Patterns!

Pastor Stephen F. Smith of Sure House, Inc. in Collierville, Tennessee, shares on Galatians Chapter 6 verses 7-9!, in his message, “Breaking Life’s Holding Patterns”! That holding pattern that you seem to be stuck in, was never meant to keep you from reaping God’s Best!

Worrying Won’t Make It Better!

Pastor Stephen F. Smith shares from St. Luke 12 verses 22-32! He teaches and preaches on how “Worrying Won’t Make It Better!

When You Run Out Of Tears!

Pastor Stephen F. Smith shares on David’s decision to ignore devastation, & encourage himself in the Lord his God, after a day where he wept so much, that he lost the power to weep!



The Church Of God In Christ’s First Convocation In St. Louis, Missouri Featured Some Great Preaching!

The Church of God In Christ, Inc. celebrated its 103rd Annual Convocation in St. Louis, Missouri for the very first time! The lineup of speakers was awesome. All that attended should have been blessed by the word that went forth. Prayerfully the Convocation will one day soon come back to Memphis, Tennessee where the church celebrated each of the first 102 Holy Convocations, but in the Convocation in St. Louis, God’s Word went forth powerfully! By the way, I’m back! Preach Stephen.Com is about to soar again!

Yours In Him,

Pastor Stephen F. Smith

Preach Stephen! Preach Stephen!

Pastor Stephen F. Smith Preaches & Teaches With Power In These Clips!,,,

Preach Steve!

Preach Bishop Noel Jones!

Preach Bishop Noel Jones! Bishop Noel Jones preaches with power in these clips from yesteryear! The word that he preached is still a relevant word! Enjoy these clips!

Preach Stephen.Com’s Word For The Day!

I am wondering how many on The Web are bold enough to Praise God At A Bump In The Road? Right at the point of extreme discomfort, can you extol your Maker? True Worship & True Faith worships God in the face of tragedy, & pain! What the enemy sent to take you under, use it as a tool to get your praise party going! When the enemy hits you, you praise God! Do this long enough, & the enemy will flee! Let Praise Be Your Weapon!

Pastor Stephen F. Smith