Xavier Henry Decides to Attend Memphis!

Xavier Henry Decides to Attend Memphis! Please allow me to leave my ecumenical mode just for a second! The Memphis Tigers who have been my favorite college basketball team since the 70’s, have just signed the #1 college basketball recruit in the nation. I almost feel like a praise break because of this. Xavier Henry will continue in a long line of heralded recruits that John Calipari has brought to the University of Memphis! Go Tigers Go! I am also including highlights of this great player! Please remember to pray for former Memphis Coach, Larry Finch, who is battling severe health issues at this time!


The Memphis Tigers Have 1 More Game to Win!

The Memphis Tigers Have 1 More Game to Win!

The Memphis Tigers are Going to the Final Four!

The Memphis Tigers are Going to the Final Four! I have been a Tigers Fan since the days of Alvin Wright, Dexter Reed, and James Bradley. This win is so gratifying because nearly all of the College Basketball Announcers predicted that we wouldn’t make it this far. We didn’t exactly lose this game at the free throw line did we? Could ESPN, Dick Vitale, and Bobby Knight ever underestimate a team as badly as they did the Tigers?

I am so grateful to Bruce Pearl, and his Tennessee Vols Team that helped us more than one could know by defeating us in February! The loss to The University of Tennessee helped to motivate our team in ways that one would not know! Hats off to this dedicated group of young men whose futures have never looked brighter! Go Tigers Go!

The Memphis Tigers are #1

The Memphis Tigers are #1! This team is the best team to watch in all of College Basketball!