Hurt in Church!

I would submit that there are literally millions of people that have been wounded mentally or spiritually in The House of God. Isn’t it amazing that one can be hurt in church, which is the last place in the whole world that a believer would expect to suffer an awful injury or indictment at? One could fill any arena in America with those who have been wounded in The House of Grace. I suffered a church wound that hurt so bad that it literally took the better part of a couple of years to heal from. I was reticent to let a lot of church folks to draw near me because of this wound. However; I am trying my best to not let the pain of this former wound keep me from loving individuals that may or may not have the best interest of the church at heart. How you suffered a stinging wound in the Church? The Church of Today is full of so many people with so many different motives. Don’t let the horrible acts of professional church people who are fighting everyone for turf and positions make you miss God! They simply come with the territory. Don’t be an individual that is so hurt, that angry words are the only words that one can say to there other brothers and sisters in Christ! Take this hurt or burden that originated in The House of God and leave it there! God can heal the church wound as he can heal any disease! God Can Heal Your Church Wound! Don’t let the awful actions of others at church in the past make you not believe in the Saints in the present and the future!

Pastor Stephen F. Smith

Sure House Church, Inc.