Titles in the Church!

Pastor E. Dewey Smith preaches on Titles in the Church! I heard a new one last week, “Prophetess Elect”! Who’s doing the voting for this title? Let’s pray that God cast his vote for this title, and not men and women!


Dr. Rudolph McKissick

Dr. Rudolph McKissick preaches with power in these clips!


Temple of Deliverance Church of God in Christ in Memphis,Tennessee has a great group of young people! The Youth Choir of Temple of Deliverance sings Suddenly in this clip!

We Magnify His Name!

We Magnify His Name! God is so good that we should all magnify his name! We should even magnify him in the dance!

CeCe Winans

CeCe Winans tells us that God is Concerned about us!

Evangelist Herman Murray

Evangelist Herman Murray preaches powerfully on being Ghetto Fabulous in Church!

The Clark Sisters are Without Compare!

The Clark Sisters are Without Compare! With J Moss as a relative, can you imagine how much singing one can get at a Clark/Moss Family Reunion?