The Late Mattie Moss Clark Was Called the First Lady of Gospel Music By Many!

The late Mattie Moss Clark Was called the First Lady of Gospel Music by many! This was the mother of the world reknown Clark Sisters!

You Love Me!

You Love Me! In the midst of this week being Holy Week, isn’t it evident that Jesus Christ loved us so much despite our many sins and transgressions! What a love it is for one to lay down his life for those who hardly deserved it! Thank God that he had such an admirable love for each of us! Praise God who alone is Worthy to Be Praised!


Preach Stephen.Com’s 400,000 Views Praise!

 November 13, 2007
In the next day Preach Stephen.Com will log it’s 400,000th view since our January 18, 2007 launch! We are excited about the response to this blog, and we will endeavor to improve it in the near future! Enjoy the Praise below from the Clark Sisters! Thanks and may God richly bless each of you!

I’ve Tried Him and I Know Him!

I’ve Tried Him and I Know Him!

Church COGIC Style!

These individulas are doing church COGIC Style! I am not knocking how anyone else has church, I am just particularly fond of the flavor-(Style) of our church!

Shun Pace

Lord Endow Me!

Lord Endow Me With All That You Would Have For Me! The Clark Sisters sing their hit of yester year, Endow Me!

I Expect a Miracle

The Clark Sisters plus Kiki Sheard and Kim Burrell  lets us know that we should all expect a miracle. We should expect the impossible and the sky is the limit to what we can have!