My Prayer Against the Valentine Blues!

My Prayer Against the Valentine Blues! The enemy is so clever and subtle in his maneuverings. He is always on his tippy toes to do his dirty work of stealing, killing and destroying the inhabitants of this world. I am now praying against the Valentine Blues. So many can be made to feel lower than low because they didn’t receive the goodies that a coworker, friend, or family member did.

Vases of roses, nice jewelry, and boxes of candy are sent to those that some call their sweetheart. Don’t feel bad about not receiving what others did on today. This day is so commercialized and so many get down in the dumps if they don’t receive what this world’s systems say you should on this day. My prayers are for those of you that are in the doldrums over this day.

Lord I am praying for all that are walking around today with hung down heads. Touch all that are dealing with heavy hearts on today. Heal each and every wound that is being carried in the hearts of many on today. Lord we bind the Spirit of Depression on today. Lord you are our healer, and our master physician on this day. Send your healing virtue to all that will read this prayer.

Lord console those who don’t have the funds to send to their loved ones a token of their love on this day. Lord prove that you first loved us all , and your love is best. Lord touch the empty feeling home, invigorate us all. Lord Revive us again. I am praying that you will put a pep in the step of those who are lending themselves to be caught up in this day.Lord show your love to all on this day. Bind the enemy whose mission is to take this day and cause havoc in the souls and minds of many on this day.

Satan you are a defeated foe! No weapon that you can form against the people of God on this day will prosper. Lord we also are asking that you heal relationships on this day. Restore marriages! Give many new wine in their marital relationships! Lord we bind the spirit of divorce. We bind domestic violence! We bind horrible relationships. We commit our relationships to you! Lord take away the pain and misunderstandings of many of our relationships. Lord this is our prayer in the matchless name of you son Jesus Christ, Amen!

Be Blessed and Restored on This Day,
Pastor Stephen F. Smith