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Enjoy the word that I have for the new year below!


It’s Falling Time But Don’t You Fall!

It’s Falling Time But Don’t You Fall! Pastor Willie James Campbell does it again in this clip from yesteryear!

Enjoy these Moments of Motivation From Max Steingart!

Enjoy these Moments of Motivation From Max Steingart! Since we are rapidly approaching a new year, maybe some of us could use some words that will propel us into the coming year. While I am cognizant that the Bible is the ultimate motivational resource, it is not a sin to listen to those that God has gifted to motivate others. Enjoy these words from Max Steingart!

Pimps in the Pulpit?


Pimps in the Pulpit? I am including an video called Pimps in the Pulpit, that I found online. I apologize in advance for this video’s language which is a tad strong, because of the repeated use of words that describe some women as garden tools. I am posting this because I feel that there has never been a day where preachers of the Gospel have been mocked  like the day in which we now live. There are so many preachers across this land that toil, labor, and work in a honest fashion. It is indeed sad that the indiscretions, or greed of some preachers would taint those that give of themselves tirelessly with little reward. However; should some preachers not expect a public backlash when they flaunt their wealth in depressed economic times? A man or woman of God should be provided for, but when is it too much?

There is biblical precedence of men of God prospering in depressed economic times, yet I think that God always blessed these individuals in order that they could be a blessing to others and not only to themselves. I am not of the belief that the church assumes the responsibility of taking care of every poor person in the city, but I will acknowledge that those houses of worship that are located in depressed areas all bear a special responsibility and sensitivity that others may not. Should a Shepard live so much farther above the sheep? Are the sheep, and the Shepard all part of one and the same family when the Shepard lives in a gated community fifty miles away that none of the sheep can ever visit? Who is left to care for the least of these?

Has greed slipped into the House of God? Are many shepherds profiting at the expense of the sheep that they are called to lead? I was so amazed that each of the CEO’s of the Big 3 were wise enough to tuck their wealth in when they appeared before Congress the second time. Each of these men whose net worth is tallied up in the hundreds of millions of dollars, had enough sense to not display ostentatious wealth in depressed economic times when there hands where out. Are the children of the world in this generation wiser than the children of light? How can we shine, gleam, highsign, and bling when there are so many that can barely afford a smile on there face?

The poor will be with us always, but I feel that many should leave the ranks of the poor on any year in a good Bible teaching Church. Any church where only the pastor prospers should take a long look at itself. This is a season of extreme caution for so many, and we will see the downfall of many ministries that have been household names.

It is so regretful that when they fall that they will taint the many men and women of God that are walking in will of God. The church shouldn’t be a good hustle for those who can’t find anything else to do. There are so many preachers that hold down secular jobs to provide for their families, but these are hardly ever the ones that are highlighted by the media. Preaching is a noble profession, and one should never be ashamed to be listed amongst those who acknowledge a call from God.

Yet, should preachers live light years above those that we teach and preach to? I have no problem at all for a man of God being blessing by the selling of tapes, speaking engagements, business endeavors, and the like, but I do have a problem with those that lead inner city churches that are surrounded by blight that live like Fortune 500 CEO’s. A good inner city church should touch that community in which it resides. There are many great inner city churches all over this land that have richly blessed the communities in which they reside. Sadly very few of these churches are highlighted!

Preachers now is the time to pull the flossing in just a tad, vibrant flossing in the age of congressional hearings, economic devastation, and a general climate of malaise for those who preach the gospel is not wise at this time. God holds the shepherds that watch over his sheep accountable in so many ways.Is it wise to live in such a high manner that it would bring a reproach to the Gospel, and make it so much harder for others to receive Christ?

Will we return to preaching that will prick the hearts and souls of men? I do believe that God gives us the power to get wealth, but did he give us the power to be money chasers over being soul winners? Will our Christian service be measured by the size of our bank books? Will we choose the mind and heart of God over the trinkets, and material goods of this world? The church has a lot of questions that God will answer in the year to come. Let’s pray that greed and lusting for things will take a back seat to pursuing the mind, heart, and will of God! Many preachers across this world need to repent of chasing after money, fame, and the lusts of this world in such a crucial time!

God has called us to be leaders, and not money chasers in such a time as this. I do believe that God wants his people to prosper, but should the preachers of our day look and dress like the neighborhood hustler? There should be a difference! Godly Prosperity should be accompanied by Godly Lifestyles. I am not against any preacher prospering, but I think it is wise to consider the times, and the climate in which we now live in. The climate that we are living in mirrors those in which the Apostle Paul wrote to Timothy about. These perilous times will not afford the church and those off it to live like fat cats when many of those that grace the halls of that church are suffering.

Preachers I am not against any of you having nice things, but it goes without saying that it would help the cause of Christ to tone it down at this time. Yes God has blessed many of the sages of old even in times of famine. However; I don’t think God would be pleased with much of the exceptional greed that has leaked into the ranks of a few of his preachers. Working for the cause of Christ should never take a backseat to running after the things of this world. If we run after Christ, the things are supposed to come any way.

There are so many great preacher all over this world that hardly resemble any of those parodied in this video clip. Let’s not believe that every preacher acts like a pimp in the pulpit! Pastors should be provided for, yet I can’t cosign some of the ridiculous things that are going on in the Body of Christ at this time! Are many preachers leaving themselves open to public rebuke, scorn, and disdain by displaying a form of greed that resembles those that are of the world? Let’s leave the worldly and move on with the things of God!

Respectfully Submitted,

Pastor Stephen F. Smith

Why Am I Not in the Clique?

Why Am I Not in the Clique? I remember a quote by the late Bishop G. E. Patterson where he alluded to the fact that after his deliverance from sin, his next greatest deliverance was his deliverance from people and their opinions! Isn’t it amazing that the opinions of people have kept so many of us bound, or has left so many of us to perform at levels which are so far beneath the levels that God intended for us.One of the most debilitating scourges that the enemy has ever released from the pits of Hell has been the emergence of cliques of all kinds.

Cliques are by definition, a small exclusive group of people. How many of us have longed to no avail to gain the approval of one of these exclusive sets, or networks of the “right folks”? Why in God’s name are there so many cliques in the day in which we now live? Why in the name of everything that is Holy would there even be cliques amongst those that profess membership in the Kingdom of God? Isn’t it amazing that some of us can never seem to gain admittance to many of these exclusive sets of individuals, despite many of our best efforts to do so?

Does this make us less than, or does our non-admittance assure us of failure? I have found myself on many occasions to be on the outside looking in when it comes to admittance to this clique, or that clique of what appeared to be the right group of people. Yet in hindsight, I can truly admit that I am so glad that my key never seemed to quit fit the locks of admittance established by these different cliques. If one is to soar to heights that are beyond comprehension does one need the help of exclusive sets, or groups of people?

Have we taken the it’s not what you know, it’s who you know thing much too far? Can one achieve true success without belonging to the right group of folks? Doesn’t God know that these people can help me get ahead? When one puts too much stock into gaining admittance to one of these groups, one must take a long look at oneself. How many of these groups have put one dime into one’s pocket? Would these groups even help pick you up if they saw you knocked down? Greatness is rarely accomplished by those who run in cliques.

Throughout the Holy Writ, God called men and women to perform exploits, but he rarely called cliques of people. Can one truly stand out when one is determined to run with, or pal around with cliques? Is the destiny that God has predetermined for each of us dependent on those folks taking us in? Why does the talking stop when one walks by? Why does one hear whispers after one walks by this group of people? Why does one never get an invite to the events of these powerful folks? Why is one always on the outside looking in? Can’t they just let me in on their inside jokes for once? Can’t they invite me out to eat with them just this once?

I stand for all that have asked these many questions over the years! We must learn to follow the beat of a different drum, and never let the opinions and whims of others make us feel less than. You have to learn to love yourself, and learn to keep your head held high even when you can’t seem to get the thumbs up of others. Most of those that join cliques that exclude others are not the type of people that we should long to associate with any way. When the doors of the clique are slammed in your face move on, that is not where God would have you to be. You should never push to be amongst those who would only tolerate, and never celebrate you! Could these groups of folks see greatness in you that you don’t see yourself? God has invested so much into the individual that he made you to be. Never negate the greatness that God has called you to, by running after people!

Respectfully Submitted,

Pastor Stephen F. Smith

The F stands for Free From Cliques!

Crystal Rucker is a Gift to the Body!

Crystal Rucker is a Gift to the Body of Christ!

Are You Living the Life of Your Dreams?

Are You Living the Life of Your Dreams? Would the child that you were be pleased with the person that you are now? At the end of any year, one will always seem to find the time for a little reflection, introspection,contemplation, and personal inspection.

There always seems to be a period at the end of any year were one will gage the current status of one’s efforts. Many of us remember the grand dreams that we all had in the days of our youth. If one were to enter nearly any elementary school and ask the students of that school what there dreams are, one would quickly hear some of the grandest dreams, aspirations, and hopes that one would ever care to hear. What happens to the dreams of men and women once they get older? Why do so many choose to live a life of settling for the average, settling for the mundane, and settling for the commonplace? Didn’t God create us all in his image, and after his likeness?

Why are the dreams of our youth so foreign to us? Life is often hard, and the various paths that we have all traveled have not been loaded with flowery beds of ease. The pains of life have caused so many of us to give up on the dreams of our youth. Why so? We serve a God that can do so far beyond even our wildest dream. Is our vision of our God much too small when we only ask him for the ordinary, and the commonplace? Depression makes its greatest push when one loses the ability to dream big dreams. The pains of life and the bumps and bruises that come with it are tough, but one must never lose the ability to dream! Losing the ability to dream relegates one to the memories of days gone by. Why should our greatest days be those of days gone by?

I present to you a literal mirror to look at one that made in the image and after the likeness of God! In that mirror is the reflection of one that was fearfully and wondrously made! Looking in this literal mirror once again, and grasp the image of one that is the apple of God’s Eye! Why are we settling when the God of the Heavens and the Earth has invested so much in each of us? Has life’s bitter pills caused us to lose a hold on the sheer greatness that resides on the inside of each of us. My brother and my sister let’s choose to recapture the sparkle in our eyes that the dreams of our youth used to produce. Very few of us can say that we are at the absolute zenith, the sheer apogee, and the highest nadir of accomplishment! Even if you name is a household name, there is still more that you should shoot for.

The enemy of our souls must be ecstatic that so many of the ranks of men and women on this planet have chose to just get by! Many of us have let a little pain, a little disappointment, and a lot of failure dash many of the dreams of our youth. Let’s take a long hard look at the pains that we have suffered on our travels through life. Why should these pains be compounded by allowing these pains to negate the great dreams that God has given us all? The death of a dream often leads one into the Halls of Depression quicker than anything. What reason does one have to have pep in one’s step, when one does not see anything to shoot for? Yes I know it hurts, but we must reach beyond the hurt and reach for all that God has intended for us to reach for! I stand with you in prayer that the dreams of your youth would be rekindled and the spark and vigor that you once possessed would be restored!

Can’t we once again reach for the stars? Can’t we once again imagine seeing our name in lights? God created you for greatness! God created you to make a difference in this world? God created you to be a Game Changer! God didn’t create you to be ordinary, even if you are surrounded by ordinary circumstances! God has invested so much in you that you should never shy away from the game of life! Should we regret negating all of the great possibilities that we could have achieved because of fear? Should a bump or two on the road of life keep us from reaching for more? Why are we waving the white flag of surrender so soon? Shouldn’t we enjoy life to the full until our last breath? Let’s cut the cords of the commonplace, the average, and the ordinary and dream again. Let’s once again pursue the life of our dreams! You deserve to have the very best that this life offers. Let’s not ruin our acquisition of some of life’s finer things by refusing to dream! I will see you at the top!

Respectfully Submitted,
Pastor Stephen F. Smith