Preachers as Politicians

I don’t have any Bible for my being against preachers being politicians, yet I don’t feel like this is the best use of their God-given Talents. The word politics comes from a root word poli which means people and it ends with ics which means pertaining to. So the word politics means pertaining to the people. A preacher in my opinion should seek things pertaining to God and not pertaining to people. We should spend our time being prophetically correct instead of politically correct. I am highly cognizant that many of Black America’s greatest leaders are preacher politicians, but the world of politics is so dirty now that hardly any preacher could enter this realm without bringing some form of reproach or sully upon himself or herself and their congregations. The priests in the Bible warned the rulers and leaders of their day. Will we simply vote,kid,and play golf with the leaders of ours? A call to ministry is the most notable of any call! We can we politically active without allowing ourselves to be candidates for office. We can change America through our pulpits and churches and not through our respective legislative assemblies. God is not a Democrat nor is God a Republican, but he is a God that is committed to rewarding those that diligently seek him. Preacher your claim to fame will come from serving God and not from serving man!