Enjoy The Whooponics Kid!

Enjoy The Whooponics Kid! This young preacher is a YouTube Favorite he hails from Memphis,Tennessee, and he is a minister at New Salem MBC in Memphis, which is pastored by the Dr. Frank E. Ray, Sr. Enjoy this clip of the Whooponics Kid, I am calling him that because of his use of the Old School Baptist Whoop! God has great things in store for this young man. He doesn’t just have youthful zeal, but he studies other preachers who are far older than him. We are expecting great things from this young man!


Preach Rev. Ray!

Preach Rev. Ray! Pastor Frank E. Ray of Memphis,Tennessee is doing in this clip what he does best!

Dr. Frank E. Ray Sings the Old Time Way!

Dr. Frank E. Ray, the Pastor of New Salem M. B. C. in Memphis,Tennessee and a prominent broadcaster on The Word Network sings The Old Time Way with gospel singer, Dottie Peoples.

Rev. Frank E. Ray Sr.

Rev. Frank E. Ray, Sr. is one of the most profound African American preachers in the land. He pastors a large church in Memphis,Tennessee and he preaches in most of the major Houses of Worship within the National Baptist Convention. Enjoy this clip of his preaching!