Preach Rev. Ray!

Preach Rev. Ray! Pastor Frank E. Ray of Memphis,Tennessee is doing in this clip what he does best!

3 Responses

  1. Pastor Ray is a great teacher/preacher. I am an active member of Salem and love my church family and my pastor & wife. Pastor Ray teaches the Word of God. He is an ANOINTED man of GOD. PREACH REV. RAY!

  2. He certainly is all of that! He is a Student of the Bible and a great preacher, teacher, whooper, and squaller. One can judge a preacher’s humility by seeing how much he enjoys watching other preachers. Pastor Ray really enjoys hearing others preach, many of whom have nowhere near his acclaim. He has maintained the Humble Touch and I salute his zeal for excellence!

  3. Pastor Smith-

    I am writing from a TV production company in NY called NorthSouth productions. We are currently casting and looking for a host of a show we are developing for a major network about miracles and faith. I found your blog in the course of my research — I think you may be a good fit for what we are looking for. Below you’ll find the official casting directive – if you are interested please send a tape in this week according to specifications below. If you have any questions, of course feel free to contact me.

    Many thanks!


    Casting Priests/Pastors to Host New TV Show

    Seeking charismatic Priests or Pastors who, at one time, questioned their faith but have since returned, to host a new TV series about miracles for a major cable network. Age 30-50. We are looking for someone smart, outgoing, passionate, energetic, inquisitive, with great communication skills, ! and an interest or education in science. The ideal candidate has at one time in their life been skeptical about religion or miracles.

    Must be willing to travel. This could become a full-time job.

    If you are interested in being considered, please send the following materials. MUST BE RECEIVED BY JANUARY 11th, 2008.

    – a photo of yourself
    – your resume or bio
    – film yourself and send us the tape (mini-DV, DVD, or VHS formats only) answering the following questions. No more than 5-10 minutes. Please shoot this from the waist up so we can see your face. Have fun with this! Personality is key.

    ***Your name and where you live
    ***You bio in brief — education, previous professional experience, current occupation
    ***Your relationship with science — education, hobby, interest, etc. How much do you know? What aspects are you interested in?
    ***Your take on miracles.
    ***What is your interest in or feeling about using science to prove or disprove a “miracle”.
    ***Describe your personality in a few words.
    Please send your materials to:
    NorthSouth Productions
    1140 Broadway, Ste 1201
    New York, NY 10001

    DEADLINE: Friday January 11th, 2008

    Materials will not be returned.

    No phone calls please.

    Thank you!

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