A Trip to Job’s House!

A Trip to Job’s House! Pastor Jerry Black takes us on a trip to Job’s House!


Rev. F. D. Sampson

Rev. F. D. Sampson closes by taking the viewers of this clip by The Cross!


I am not a whooper, yet I will admit that this form of preaching permeates the African American Church. We will soon do a series on whooping. Enjoy these clips of preachers Whooping. There are very few that can not say that the African American Church has progressed greatly in the last ten years. Will we keep these preaching modes in the years to come? What do you think?

Eulogy of Rev. C. L. Franklin

This is old-school church. Pastor Jasper Williams Jr. preaches the eulogy of Rev. C. L. Franklin, who was the father of Aretha Franklin. This is definitely old school church.