Thought Provoking Article from Black Agenda Report.Com

Here’s a thought provoking article on The Black Church and The Civil Rights Movement by The Black Agenda Report.Com! I have included an excerpt from this article below, but click the link below to read this entire article!

The Black Church and The Civil Rights Movement by Black Agenda Report.Com

The Black church isn’t what it used to be. Mega-churches preach “prosperity” to their multi-thousand congregations, but often ignore the plight of the larger Black community. In the author’s Washington-southern Maryland-northern Virginia region, only two small churches were willing to host rallies to coincide with massive protests in Jena, Louisiana. The social gospel that gave so much aid and succor to a previous Movement is largely depleted in the current era, as preachers harangue congregations to chase dollars rather than justice.

Where is The Church Now?