Does the Devil Read Our Press Clippings?

           Surely the devil knows not to mess with the Saints of God in 2007. Hasn’t he read our bios on the inside cover or the back of our latest Christian book. Doesn’t he know that we know Greek, Hebrew, Latin, Arabic, and many other languages of old? Doesn’t he know that being churchy is now socially acceptable? Does the devil realize just how many of one’s fraternity brothers and sorority sisters that are now members of the church? Maybe someone better let the Devil know that he’s to be scared of us. Well, my brother and mysister in Christ, it is evident that the Devil is not reading our press clippings, nor our press releases.

How can the Body of Christ spend so much time tooting our own horns, when our cities are under attack? Violent Crime is spiraling upward nationwide. Racial Tolerance is at an all time low. Maybe the Devil hasn’t read all of our press clippings and our press releases. The sheer nerve of this individual to be on his mission to steal, to kill, and to destroy while we are so busy in the Body designing our next press releases! Maybe we should spend less time positioning ourselves in a flamboyant manner and more time putting our known enemy on the run!

Respectfully Submitted,

Pastor Stephen F. Smith

Sure House Church, Inc.