Can God Bless a Barren Woman? Yes He Can!

Can God Bless a Barren Woman? Yes He Can! I have always seen the torment that comes from the enemy to many great women who have not been able to bear children for one reason or another. Whether that was a product of not having found a man suitable, or whether that is a product for some health reason that a particular lady could not bear kids. You are not a lesser individual for not having kids. One of the simplest answers that the world can give you is for you to adopt. That is so easy for others to say. Does that replace the inner yearning of one that has longed for children? I don’t think that it does. I am not against adoption at all, but the purpose of this note is to minister to those of you that have longed for kids and haven’t been able to bear them for one reason or another. In the days of the Bible, barrenness was essentially looked on as a curse, but I am coming with Holy Boldness to let you know that your worth isn’t determined by your ability to produce offspring. God loves and cares for you! It is never his desire for you to suffer heartaches over your yearning for kids.

I truly believe that God is the answer to that void in your life. Turn this burden over to the Lord, and I am sure that he will fix it. Many of you may have miscarried, or lost a child in childbirth, I submit to you that for every stripe that our Savior endured there is enough healing virtue to heal you of your heartache! You are not cursed! You are not less of a Woman! I believe with all that is in me that God Can Bless What Others Call a Barren Woman! If that is you, I am praying that God would send you a sheer tsunami of his virtue your way! I see the God and the Good in You! Stay Blessed My Sister! I know that Mother’s Day Weekend Can Be Tough! God loves you! I send out my highest regards to you, and I yet see the day when you will shine as the brightest star in the universe! God can make you fruitful in so many other ways!

Additional Note For Mother’s Day Weekend-In a week like this, it can be especially troubling for those of you that have longed for kids. I don’t have every answer, but I do know The Answer who can solve your every problem. I am busy praying for you! I don’t take this lightly; I have often heard the heartache of many over not being able to have children. I am praying for any and all that find that as the case! God will put his arms around you and love you as no other can! I am praying that God would send his fruitfulness in whatever manner he may your way! You are not cursed! You are blessed! That means you are empowered to prosper! God has his eyes on you!

Your Brother In Christ,
Elder Stephen F. Smith


First Lady Mae Blake!

First Lady Mae Blake continues the wonderful legacy of great COGIC First Ladies as she goes forth before delivering the morning message on Mother’s Day at West Angeles COGIC in Los Angeles, California!

First Lady Blake was no doubt raised in Holiness. She has not allowed her exposure to celebrities at every turn to turn her away from extolling the Lord. She definitely has a seat in society, yet it is wonderful to see that regardless to her husband’s being at the beck and call of Kings, and Presidents that she still values praising God more than having a seat in society! She is a wonderful First Lady for the Church, and she follows the awesome lineage of Mother Louise Patterson. The Church of God in Christ has many reasons to be proud! She represents her husband, and most importantly her God well!

Happy Mother’s Day from Preach Stephen.Com!

Happy Mother’s Day from Preach Stephen.Com! Pastor Stephen F. Smith of Sure House Church, Inc. in Collierville,Tennessee gives a tribute and a blessing to mothers everywhere on Mother’s Day. He also has a word of encouragement for those whom have lost their mothers.

Have a Blessed Mothers Day!

Preach Stephen.Com wishes a Blessed Mother’s Day to all of the wonderful mothers in our land and beyond. May the Lord richly reward your sometimes thankless work. God has blessed so many of us with wonderful mothers! God Bless the Mothers of the World!