God Is!

            God is everything that we need. His grace is sufficient for every believer. God has been a healer to some, a deliverer to others, and even a restorer to many. God is all that we need. Some of us tire others out by telling them about the goodness of God all the time. The God that we serve has the power to transform lives. Every addiction and every disease in the book can be cured by the unlimited power of our God. Our God has also promised to supply all of our needs. Let’s see now God can be a healer, a deliverer, a restorer, and now a provider. We serve an omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, and ubiquitous God. Our God has all power. Our God knows everything. Our God is everywhere and he’s not just everywhere he’s everywhere at the very same time. While he’s helping me he can also help you or your family at the very same time.

I would also submit that our God is a present help in a time of trouble. God promises to be a friend and a sustainer in crisis times. There isn’t a crisis that our God can’t bring us through. Many of us can attest that he has made ways for us out of no way. A God in crisis times, boy that will preach. Our crisis and our dilemmas pale in the face of our powerful God. We rejoice in the fact that we serve a God that eats the impossible for breakfast. There are simply no impossibilities with God. Should we call the roll? How many Saints have been given up by the cadre of doctors and lawyers and yet God showed up as either a doctor in the sick room or a lawyer in the court room? We serve a God that will show up when one’s back is against the wall and it seems like one is sure to fall. God promises every believer that no weapon that is formed against us shall prosper. The enemy’s plan will not work because our God is also a protector. God is everything that we need! Yes God is all that I need!

Pastor Stephen F. Smith
Sure House Church, Inc.


100% Praise

This is an awesome clip of various praisers who are praising God in the Beauty of Holiness. This is a great clip! I pray that this clip will lead you to refelect on the awesome God that we serve. He is truly Worthy to be Praised!