More Whooping!

More Whooping! Well some of us like a little gravy!

Twinkie Clark

There is only one Twinkie Clark! Enjoy her ministry of music!

Dr. Todd Hall

Dr. Todd Hall is preaching in this clip!

Ron Winans and Bebe Winans!

Ron Winans and Bebe Winans!

Preaching COGIC Style!

Preaching COGIC Style! Well I’m COGIC and I love my church!

Preach Stephen.Com’s Response

Preach Stephen.Com’s response has been incredible. We launched this blog on January 18, 2007 and we have recorded over 141,500+ views since our recent launch., with over 2,000 blog views a day being recorded in the last few days. Thanks for your support and recommend this blog to your friends, family, and loved ones. We are eagerly looking forward to the awesome opportunity to serve you! We have some exciting things that are soon to come for this blog! Remember also to check out Pentecostal Place.Com , which is another Christian blog that will be heard around the Web real soon! We are so excited about this that we are including a little COGIC Praise below!

Pastor Stephen F. Smith-Preach Stephen.Com
Sure House Church, Inc.


Evangelist Louise D. Patterson!

Evangelist Louise D. Patterson was not only the wife of the Late Bishop G. E. Patterson, but an anointed vessel who speaks from the heart! She is a class act and a wonderful Christian who now has the prayers of many in Christiandom!