The Prayers of the Righteous Availeth Much!

The Prayers of the Righteous Availeth Much! Our prayers on this site from August 31st for the residents of the Gulf Coast, and the residents of New Orleans seem to have been heeded with the damage from Hurricane Gustav being so much less than what was first anticipated! It was thought that the devastation from this storm would be greater than Hurricane Katrina! The Prayers of the Righteous Availeth Much! Never underestimate the Power of Prayer!

This one is worthy of a shout also as Preach Stephen.Com also Celebrates its 750 Thousandth View!


Hurricane Gustav Heads For The Gulf Coast! Let’s Pray for New Orleans!

We are earnestly praying for the city of New Orleans, and The Gulf Coast as they are anticipating the arrival of Hurricane Gustav! This storm is thought to be every bit as powerful as Hurricane Katrina, if not more powerful. Some have even called it The Storm of the Century, or as New Orleans Mayor Nagin calls it, “The Mother of All Storms!” The video clips below will show just how devastating this storm is thought to be!

Father, you are worthy of all of the honor and all of the praise. We come boldly before your Throne of Grace to petition you for all of the residents of the Gulf Coast. Each of these residents needs you to cover, and protect their loved ones, and their possessions. We beseech you to rebuke death, and destruction. Lord please deliver each of these persons from the Spirit of Fear. We bind financial loss! We bind flashbacks and trauma concerning Hurricane Katrina! Lord we need you to save now!

Satan, you are a defeated foe, and what you are intending for evil, God will turn it around for Good! No weapon that is formed against the residents of the The Gulf Coast will prosper. Lord deliver as many haven’t seen! Lord speak to the storms, the winds, and the rain, and bring this region back into a great calm! We are so glad that we serve a God that is greater than any storm, and we are speaking to Hurricane Gustav to bring itself to a Holy Pause, and then a Spectacular Still! Lord you can deliver as no other can! Great Storms are put to sleep as a peaceful baby when you speak to the great storms that come our way! Lord we are claiming the victory in the name of Jesus, Amen!