Enjoy Canton Jones at The Potters House!

Enjoy Canton Jones at The Potters House! Since I came up in the Traditional Pentecostal Church under older Pastors that would have a hard time stomaching Gospel Rap, I am not the biggest proponent of Gospel Rap or Kingdom Crunk! However; I now realize that maybe tradition is making us miss some of the greatest opportunities for outreach today!


Gospel Rap!

Should Gospel Rap become an accepted form of Gospel Music? Does this form of expression reach some that many of us traditional types can’t reach?

Gospel Rap?

What do you think of gospel rap? This genre is one of the most controversial in the entire gospel music industry. Is this a valid form of worship? Mr. Del is a Memphian that grew up in Holiness and he forsook a career in the gangster rap arena to sing gospel rap. I am asking your opinion because I wanted to make sure that I was not passing judgement so quickly on this genre.