Don’t Throw In The Towel!

I’m sharing in these clips from Galatians 6 verse 9! The going may be tough, but it’s not time to “Throw In The Towel”! Don’t Throw In The Towel!

Pastor Stephen F. Smith


God’s Blueprint For Good Success!

Pastor Stephen F. Smith shares these words on God’s Blueprint For Good Success!

Looking For A Church in Collierville, Tennessee On A Sunday Morning?

Come have church on Sunday Mornings at 8:00 Am with us at our New Collierville Worship Location! Sure House Church can be found by taking Poplar through Collierville past the Wal-Mart In Collierville, through Old Collierville for about 4 miles, then make a left on Collierville-Arlington Road at the Gurkin’s Convenience Store. We are worshipping at New Life Collierville at 261 Collierville-Arlington Road on the left!

Sure House Church Is Launching In Collierville, Tennessee!

Sure House Church, Inc. will celebrate its initial service on January 16, 2010 at 8:00 AM at its new Collierville Location. We will be worshiping at New Life Collierville on each Sunday Morning at 8:00 AM.  The church is located at 261 Collierville-Arlington Road  which is one block off of West Poplar, you would make a left at Collierville-Arlington Road, and it’s down for the Gherkin’s convenience store on the corner! We would love to see residents from  Collierville, Germantown, Memphis,  Fisherville, Eads, Cordova, Bartlett, Southeast Memphis, Arlington, Rossville, Byhalia, Piperton, & other surrounding areas in our services!

Driving Instructions-Take 385 to Houston Levee(Collierville Galleria), exit there, to the left! Keep straight on Houston Levee till Poplar, make a right on Poplar. Take Poplar past the Walmart in Collierville, where it will become West Poplar.Stay on West Poplar through Old Collierville. Stay on for 5 miles more, till you get to Collierville-Arlington Road, make left when you see Gherkin’s Convenience Store, take Collierville-Arlington Road for 2 more blocks till you see the church called New Life Collierville. The address is 261 Collierville-Arlington Road! We will be worshipping at the location of New Life Collierville! We would love to see you on any Sunday Morning, particularly for our initial service!


Pastor Stephen F. Smith

God Is Calling You Into A Power 2011!

God Is Calling You Into A Power 2011! There is increased optimism at the inception of every new year, but I’m sensing some things this year, that are far beyond the usual! We’ve definitely been in a fight over the last several years with our economy, and this fight has also been laid on the doorsteps of The Body Of Christ. The church has suffered via the passing of many fathers in the faith, the missteps of several big-name preachers, and the economic repercussions from the shaking in our economy. These are different days, but I feel that God has some brighter days ahead for those that are his. In the midst of so many adverse happenings, God is preparing to move as He never has before on behalf of those that are His! Triumph will belong to the church, in a day loaded with so much suffering.

The church should never be caught off guard by perilous times, since we’ve been warned by scriptures that these days are coming. However; even in these perilous times, God’s church is about to flourish! The shaking over the last several year, shook off a lot of things in God’s house that we never needed any way. I totally believe that if we sanctify ourselves, that God will do wonders in 2011, for all of those who have set themselves apart for His use! Wonders like you’ve never seen are coming to God’s church in 2011! By the way, PreachStephen.Com is back in 2011!

Expecting Great Things From You,

Pastor Stephen F. Smith