Don’t Wait Till the Battle is Over!

2007 has been a rough year for many in The Body of Christ! It has been a year filled with many twists and turns. I would also echo that for me personally this has been a challenging year. Yet, I am boldly looking towards better days. Sometimes a believer has to see the victory coming even when one is surrounded by adverse situations. One characteristic that was common amongst all of those who achieved induction into The Hall of Faith in Hebrews 11, was the ability to look past their present circumstance!

Can we see ourselves as victorius when we are surrounded by negative circumstances? Praising God in the midst of a crisis is one of the greatest testaments to one’s faith that there is. Hebrews 11verse 6 states that Without Faith It Is Impossible to Please God; For He That Cometh to God Must Believe That He Is and That He is a Rewarder of Them Who Dilligently Seek Him!

If there is a reward to those who dilligently seek him, how many of us are standing in line for God’s reward that is destined for those who will praise him even we couldn’t see him or trace him? We didn’t wait for the battle to be over, we decided to shout our victory shout prematurely! Don’t Wait Till The Battle is Over to Give God the Highest Praise! Our victory is coming and we don’t have to see it with our natural eyes, but we should see it through the eyes of faith!

Praise God For Your Coming Victory, Your Looming Abundance, Your Marriage Being Restored, and Your Imminent Healing Right Now! I see you in the future and you look much better than you look right now! Anyone can praise God when the battle is over, when one’s victory is assured, but are you willing to praise God while the battle is still raging? How about Giving God a I’m in The Midst of Some Troubling Situations Praise!

Pastor Stephen F. Smith

Sure House Church, Inc.