Enjoy the Awesome Preaching of 17 Year Old Rev. Reggie Sharpe!

Enjoy the Awesome Preaching of 17 Year Old Rev. Reggie Sharpe! This young man should be on the short list of many churches who are looking for a speaker for Youth Events! Post your requests for him on this site and I will forward them to Brother Louis Rollins II who will then get them to this great preacher, and to Pastor E. Dewey Smith who pastors and advices this young man! My prayers are that this young man will stay on the straight and narrow, and reach all of the heights that we all expect him to reach!

Preach Reggie Preach!


A Turn-Around For Thomas!

Pastor E. Dewey Smith preaches A Turnaround For Thomas!

Preach Preacher!

The King of Comedy!

Pastor E. Dewey Smith powerfully preaches The King of Comedy!

This Is a Phenomenal Woman!

Pastor E. Dewey Smith gives us these nuggets, and godly counsel on male and female relationships!

Pastor E. Dewey Smith Preaches With Power!

Pastor E. Dewey Smith Preaches With Power! Pastor Smith is a growing voice in America. He is a great preacher!

Titles in the Church!

Pastor E. Dewey Smith preaches on Titles in the Church! I heard a new one last week, “Prophetess Elect”! Who’s doing the voting for this title? Let’s pray that God cast his vote for this title, and not men and women!

Black Folks and Funerals

Pastor E. Dewey Smith one of America’s rising evangelistic voices gives his insight on Black Folks and Funerals! Nobody has funerals like us!