Motivational Quotes!

The Bible is the All-Time Greatest Motivational Book in History! It’s principles provide the ultimate, and only road map for those who want to truly fulfill their life’s missions in every way. However; from time to time there are human beings who deliver quotes that are worth remembering although not with the same urgency as remembering The Holy Writ! I have been a fan of motivational quotes for years! Enjoy these motivational quotes from some of the world’s top motivational speakers of all time!


What You Don’t Know About Demons?

What You Don’t Know About Demons? Bishop George Bloomer deals with apparent demonic manifestations in these clips! Whether one believes these clips or not, The Holy Writ doesn’t refute the existence of demons. Most traditional pentecostals(Definitely Within the confines of The Church of God in Christ) have within their upbringing seen many examples of deliverances like these within their services!