For the Good of Them That Love the Lord!

That incredible Memphis “Holiness Singer“, Carla Tolbert-Taylor, does it again as she sings For the Good of Them That Love the Lord!

This young lady needs to be on somebody’s Gospel Label!

First Lady Mae Blake!

First Lady Mae Blake continues the wonderful legacy of great COGIC First Ladies as she goes forth before delivering the morning message on Mother’s Day at West Angeles COGIC in Los Angeles, California!

First Lady Blake was no doubt raised in Holiness. She has not allowed her exposure to celebrities at every turn to turn her away from extolling the Lord. She definitely has a seat in society, yet it is wonderful to see that regardless to her husband’s being at the beck and call of Kings, and Presidents that she still values praising God more than having a seat in society! She is a wonderful First Lady for the Church, and she follows the awesome lineage of Mother Louise Patterson. The Church of God in Christ has many reasons to be proud! She represents her husband, and most importantly her God well!


Has Carla Tolbert Taylor’s Day Finally Come?

Has Carla Tolbert Taylor’s Day Finally Come? Carla Tolbert Taylor is an anointed singer out of Memphis,Tennessee whose singing can often boggle the minds of those who listen to her. I attended church with her during my days at Temple of Deliverance Church of God in Christ in Memphis,Tennessee. She is an awesome singer, and she was raised in Holiness. She doesn’t just sing, but she loves the God that she sings about. There are many times that I have wondered out loud, “When would Carla’s day finally come?” It is ironic sometimes that some of the most talented, and the most anointed artists never seem to get their big break!

Well much like Galatians Chapter 6 and verse 9 espouses, I believe that Carla is finally about to enter into her due season. Carla recently won a local Gospel Superfest Competition and she will be representing the Memphis Area in the national competition! I am including a couple of videos of Carla singing the praises of God, including one that she sang at my Pastoral Installation Service. The taping of a couple of the later videos was not that great, but one can still hear what an awesome talent Mrs. Taylor is! If you agree with me. please log on to Gospel Superfest’s Website that I have displayed a link to below. Once there click on the Opening Act Contest and cast your vote for Memphis’ Own Carla Tolbert Taylor!

This young lady is anointed! She is a gift to the Body of Christ!

Gospel Superfest.Com

Don’t Be Troubled!

Pastor Dennis Martin preaches Don’t Be Troubled! Pastor Martin is a classic revivalist, and a great evangelist! The brother is a Holiness Preacher through and through!

Preach Dennis Preach! Man, I am going to send an offering on this one! What happened to preaching like this?

Praising God in the Beauty of Holiness!

Praising God in the Beauty of Holiness! Well a Praise Break can break out at any moment in any COGIC Church! These precious Saints from Peter’s Rock Church of God in Christ in Chicago,Illinois demonstrate that many in The Church of God in Christ have a Propensity to Praise!

Apostle Leon Wallace Preaches on Holiness!

Apostle Leon Wallace Preaches on Holiness! It’s still Holiness or Hell!

Enjoy The Ministry of Pastor Kimberly Ray!

Enjoy The Ministry of Pastor Kimberly Ray! She believes in an old institution of the church called Prayer!