Let It Go!

Let It Go! COGIC Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake powerfully preaches with power in this message at Apostolic Church of God in Chicago, Illinois which is pastored by Bishop Arthur Brazier!

I am Excited About Something that No One Else Sees!

I am Excited About Something that No One Else Sees! In this Christian walk where we are instructed to walk by faith and not by sight there will be times that all of us faith walkers will seem that we are on a proud walk to nowhere! One who is trying to walk out a promise from God will often be seen as way out there or foolish by others. Walking by faith is not for the faint of heart, but we must be keen to walk by faith and not walk by the dictates of men. While others may not see what you see, you have to know that what God has promised he will perform!

God doesn’t need a crowd, nor does he need everyone in the peanut gallery’s support to bring his promise to pass in your life! Step out on what God has promised and even if momma doesn’t go, and daddy starts to look at you strange; you just keep walking by faith! God doesn’t need anyone else to see that which he has promised you! So child of God it is OK to be excited about something that no one else sees! I see you in the future and you are looking a whole lot better than you look right now! How many of you can see through eyes of faith, and look past the many obstacles in your life and see a blessing? When you can do this you are destined to see what no one else sees!

Relentless in My Pursuit of Him,
Pastor Stephen F. Smith


Bishop W. A. Patterson!

The late Bishop W. A. Patterson was a preacher’s preacher! He was the father of my spiritual father the late Bishop Gilbert E. Patterson!

I Have to Tell Somebody About How Good My God Is!

I Have to Tell Somebody About How Good God Is! Isn’t it amazing when one looks at the news and sees someone who survives an incredible mishap, only to hear them say it was their lucky day? However; there is a remnant that simply won’t be ashamed about telling the whole world about just how good God is!

I Came to See Jesus!

The preaching machine does it again while ministering at the Annual G.E. Patterson Morning Manna Celebration during the 101st Annual Holy Convocation of the Church of God in Christ, Inc. Superintendent Willie James Campbell of Chicago, Illinois preaches I Came to See Jesus!

Enjoy the Ministry of St. James Ministries of Chicago!

Enjoy the Ministry of St. James Ministries of Chicago, Illinois!

Preach Pastor Campbell! Preach Pastor Campbell! Somebody hold my mouse!

Pray for the Family of Jennifer Hudson!

Police issued an Amber Alert Friday for a 7-year-old boy missing from the scene of a double murder in Chicago. The victims are the mother, and brother of Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Hudson.

This goes to show that none of us are so insulated from the dangers of this world. This is nothing short of horrible, and I solicit the prayers of all the Saints for this entire family. It is our prayer that God will heal the obvious pain that this family is feeling, and that he would be a very present help in this family’s time of trouble. God please be this family’s refuge, and this family’s strength in their time of trouble! Saints it’s Praying Time!