Torn Between Two Worlds? Torn Between Two Lovers?

Torn Between Two Worlds? Torn Between Two Lovers? This is a challenging time as it relates to those of us who claim to be called of the Lord! It is becoming increasingly difficult to find those who ascribe to all of the tenets of the faith. We are now living in a day where it seems many want to mix this or that with the Gospel! Amazingly, one can now find those who were once thought and seen as those who were rooted, grounded, and anchored in the faith starting to waffle all over the place.The book of James gives its take on our topic in the following scriptures which are contained in the proceeding paragraph.

James 1 verses 5-8 records the following: (5.) If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him. (6.) But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed.(7.) For let not that man think that he shall receive any thing of the Lord. (8.) A double minded man is unstable in all his ways. Are we now living in the day of double mindedness? How has the standard that was once so high, been brought so low? Are we now living in a day of millions halting between two opinions?

Why are so many seeking to blend and mix God with every damnable doctrine of devils in this age? Do we have any in this day who are still bold enough to stand their ground, and stand for what is right? Are the masses that walk into any church on a given Sunday torn between two lovers, and between two worlds? The state of double mindedness in the Greek is represented by the Greek word psuche which means to be two spirited, or to have two souls. Now isn’t that a hot mess? It speaks of the ability to be Vacillating in opinion or purpose. If one is in a car by oneself and one consistently vacillates between whether one would stay or go, would that vehicle ever get any where?

Are we losing the times where the Body of Christ was loaded with those who were rooted and grounded? What happened to Big Mama’s church? What happened to us being soldiers in the Army of the Lord? Are more and more in The Body of Christ becoming AWOL because we are walking lock step with the world? Child of God I submit to you that our God is an all or none God! Can we travel firmly in this thing called life when some of us are going in so many different directions? Is the church now loaded with those who are Ac/Dc, flip floppers, and those with divided allegiances?

Is the flesh now winning the war in the battle between the Flesh and the Spirit? I often hear so many how the Lord has delivered them from a miserable life of sin, but I will humbly submit that there are some sins that felt good and can be found pleasurable. Sin’s allure and the allure of the flesh has dimmed the view of so many who were once single minded in their pursuits of the things of God. God has been put on a shelf due to the demands of this material and flesh world! Do we really know what many of those in the Body believe in this day? Should many in the Body of Christ submit their papers for dual citizenship in the things of God, and the ways of this world?

Can we ignore the lusts of the flesh when sometimes the flesh feels so good, and the flesh is so demanding? Can we afford to have The Body of Christ to be loaded with double agent Christians? Can we afford to be Christians by day, and not by night? Can we afford the lack of consistency in The Body of Christ? When Christ has sacrificed so much in his stay as a man on this Earth, how can we afford to want to be called by his name while putting together one of the poorest showings of the ages? How many of you are not afraid to dig into the trenches and break off the torrid love affair with the world?

Why is The Body of Christ starting to lose its best and brightest to sheer Heresy? We walk in this world as men and women that are fighting a daily battle with the lusts of the flesh, and the pride of life. It is sometimes difficult to hear the voice of the Lord when the cry of the world gets so loud. This was not written to bash anyone, yet this post was simply written to alert the troops of God to determine their allegiances in this challenging time! It is high time to awake the church out of the stupor that it has been in as it relates to many of our fellowships with the world?

Can we leave the world and all of the fluff and potpourri of beliefs alone long enough to once again totally embrace the One True and Living God? If we want to receive the best of what God has none of us can afford to be Secret Agent Christians? Is our daily walk with God distinguishable from the daily walks of the world? Can we once again be sincere enough to return wholeheartedly to the place where we first believed? Can we once again go to a place where we had an out and out zeal to seek the things of God? I have heard it before that a good run is better than a bad stand. Should we race away from double mindedness because of the plague that it is? The Body of Christ is not in battle mode when so many waffle as the waves of the sea being beaten by harsh winds!

Will we return to those who follow the tents of the Faith and Holiness? When we once again reclaim that resolve, it is my firm belief that we will see a day where the miraculous will become commonplace. I am looking forward to that day! How about you? Will you join me in praying for any of us that have been torn between two worlds? Will you join me in praying for stability in The Body of Christ? Either God or Mammon and Baal is God. It is my prayer that you would choose you this day to worship the one true and living God as you never have before!

Relentless in My Pursuit of Him,

Pastor Stephen F. Smith