Old School Praise Break

Temple of Deliverance Church of God in Christ has had some of the greatest praise breaks ever. The late Bishop G. E. Patterson stated that his church was The Place Where Jesus Christ is Magnified and Never Ever Compromised! Enjoy this clip from Temple of Deliverance from many years back! We actually used to have church like this every Sunday morning. This man loved God so much and he was not afraid to take our rejoicing in the Lord to the nations!


My God Fights the Odds

                We serve a God that Fights the Odds. Many Christians wake up daily to discover that they are fighting the odds. Well it is my mission to inform you that no matter how the odds may be stacked against you, God can help you win your battle against the odds.  It is God’s nature to turn the tables on the wicked and the mighty. Our God chooses the foolish things of this world to confuse the wise. Even though your opposition may number into the thousands and it seems like each of your days that your battle seems to be against an endless number of foes and opposition. The Apostle Paul lets us know that if God be for us he is more than the whole world against us.

My God Fights the Odds. It is my God’s nature to leave all of the enemies in the life of a believer with their mouth’s open in desperation. They are stalemated time after time with the incredible deliverances that are wrought by our almighty God. There is no failure in God and there is no secret what God can do what he has done for others he will do the very same for you! Whether the odds that you are fighting are 100 to 1, or even 1,000,000 to 1 our God can still deliver! Yes God will bring every believer out of what we are going through. My God will always overcome the odds that are against me!

Pastor Stephen F. Smith

Sure House Church, Inc. 

Praise Break

We are excited about the popularity of this website. We have garnered over 70,000 visits in a short amount of time. Karen Clark Sheard will lead us in our weekly praise break!

Pentecostal and Proud of It!

       I am pentecostal and proud of it! Yes I believe in worshipping God with all that I have in me. I am a spirit-filled believer and I am proud of it. I am no longer concerned by the people that pass judgement on our national church, The Church of God in Christ or many of those who are of other pentecostal reformations. Yes we may be emotional, but we also know how it feels to bask in the presence of God. Yes I have seen scores of people healed right in the midst of a jubilant praise service. I am pentecostal and I am proud about it. No longer are pentecostals relegated to the shadows of Christiandom but now we are moving to the forefront of the Christian Faith. Christianity is experiencing it’s greatest growth in pentecostal circles.

Enjoy Cooper Temple Church of God in Christ’s Jump and Wave Praise! I am of the opinion that a praise service should not be filled with a bunch of stuffy saints that can scream at the top of their lungs at a sporting event, but stay reserved in their praising of a God that saved their souls from death!

I Shall Not Die But Live

I wanted to start the week off with this incredible preaching clip by my pastor, the late Bishop G. E. Patterson who made preaching look easy. This man was an incredible preacher. Let’s pray that young men all over America and the world will endeavor to take up his mantle and take ministry to the next level. His example was a Godly example to follow. He was definitely a gift from God!

Hezekiah Walker and Love Fellowship Crusade Choir

Pastor Hezekiah Walker has delighted numerous gospel music audiences with his Love Fellowship Choir. He has rang up hit after hit. Enjoy thse clips from years gone by.

The Blessing of Abraham

The blessings of Abraham is upon the life of believers. God made so many great promises to Abraham and since we are his seed(Abraham-Father of Faith) we should claim the blessings of Abraham by faith. Let’s claim our inheritance!