New Series on Christian Scandals Will Start Tonight!

Preach Stephen.Com will start a New Series on Christian Scandals Tonight!

Kwame Kilpatrick

Preach Stephen.Com solicits the prayers of all of the Saints for Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, and his family. Mayor Kilpatrick has admitted his indiscretion, and he has apologized to his constituents, and to his family. I was personally touched by the heartfelt sincerity from his wife. My prayers are for her and for the healing of her family.  They are members of a Bible-Believing Church in Detroit and their Pastor is one of God’s Elect, let’s pray that their famil will receive the spiritual healing they need, whether or not the media decides to forgive Mayor Kilpatrick!


Dwayne Woods’ Incredible Testimony

Dwayne Woods gives his testimony of being healed from HIV!

Old School Church

Now this is old school church! This almost makes me want to listen to all of the hip slapping quartets out there!

Nikki Ross

Nikki Ross sings with power in this clip!

I Can Go to God in Prayer!

Ann Nesby sings I Can Go to God in Prayer!

Rev. Otis Moss Speaks Out on E-Mail Lies About Senator Barack Obama!

The Rev. Otis Moss Speaks Out on E-Mail Lies About Senator Barack Obama! He affirms his belief that the Obamas are christians, despite the many unconfirmed e-mails that state otherwise. Rev. Moss is the incoming Pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ, he will succeed Rev. Jeremiah Wright this month. Pastor Moss affirms without a doubt that the Obamas are not Muslims!