Message To The Black Christian Man In America!

These are indeed some interesting times in the annals of The Black Church, and Black America. There seems to be quite a debate over the ratios of black men to black women in most of the black churches in our land. In some corners, there are some who feel like the Black Church is in danger of becoming a woman’s auxiliary. While black women do outnumber black men in the general populace, yet this is ever magnified in many of our black churches. There are search and rescue missions in many of the black churches in our land, for many of our black men. Where did the Black Church lose its viability with many black men? Does being a black man in church make you some effeminate wonder? Is the church the place to find answers for many of the ills that are associated with black men in America?

Well, I will try my best to impart what I see as some solutions, causes, and challenges to some of these questions. First of all, I believe that God transcends race, and He is either Lord of All, or He is not Lord At all! While I think way too much time is spent on the color of Jesus doing his earthly sojourn, via the various depictions and images of him that we see.  It can’t be discounted that he has mostly been depicted as a member of the majority culture. While looking just like God physically is not a recipe to bust through Heaven’s Gates, but could there be some hidden benefit to one’s self-image when one looks just like God? While I am not putting all my chips on the fact that Jesus has a Jheri-Curl with thick lips, I am almost assured that He doesn’t look like the images of Him that we often see.  That’s enough on that, because I literally believe that God transcends color, even though there are many that want to go to either a Black, or a White Heaven. There is in God no partiality to color, if His Word is to be true!

A truly omnipotent being couldn’t be found in the ranks of those who are completely partial to color. Black men if we want the boost that a blessing from above would bring, let’s ignore the many paintings and depictions that make Jesus look like a member of the local rock band. We need to overlook, and sooth our anger over the many paintings of The Last Supper where it appeared that black folks got nothing to eat on that day. My primary concern is the uplift of a people that have been through so much in this land. We have been property, second class citizens, and now we are those who are playing catchup to a majority culture that has had a heck of a head start. There has to be solutions found for many of the ills that have Black America firmly in its grip. The place where many of those solutions should be found is the church. The Black Church is the one institution that crosses nearly every socio-economic barrier in the black community.

I believe the power of the Word of God is limitless. The ills of Black America are no match for the power of our God. There is so much that God can do when he finds men who are bold enough to stand for him.  Yes you can be a bold black man, and be in church. Black America has been harmed over the years by many of its silent pulpits concerning many social issues. Taking a charge from God to oversee His people shouldn’t be a role for the faint-hearted. The pastors that minister to the ranks of Black America need to be bold and daring, as they lead a people that many times know opposition from the time that they entered this world. Being black is not a curse, and it is not a sin to promote self-worth in a people that are so often villified! Taking a charge to lead black people, should find any of its leaders bold enough to speak out against the media, and the forces that be. Preachers when you see wrong, you must speak out!

The prophets of old were never bashful when it came to speaking out against evil, and wrong-doing.  Why should black pulpits be silent over the many evils that plague our community? Should we be satisfied that we now have a black president? Is this some nirvana that we have obtained some forty plus years up from the beginning of the civil rights movement? Black Men this is the time that you should rise as never before. While I salute the rise of President Obama, his ascent to power won’t change things for many in Black America. We need to obtain power from an all-powerful God to overcome the evils of this age. There are way too few mountain-top experiences for the ranks of Black America. Our communities are ravaged by not only crime, decadence, and hopelessness that many are afraid to speak out against.  Many black pulpits, and many black leaders are never afraid to speak out against the many evils in our midst, yet very few will speak out against many of the systemic causes!

We often beat up many in our ranks, while hardly ever targeting or speaking out against the purveyors of many of the ills in our midst. It is ever so easy to assail the glut of black drug dealers in out land, but should that be a priority when so few of us own a boat, or a plane to bring the drugs in.  We have to speak out against many of the systemic causes of the ills in our midst. We have to break off some of the things that we have been taught in this land. Self-Preservation is not one of the unforgivable sins. We shouldn’t let anyone shame us over looking out for the welfare of our communities! We also should decide the lift up our women! No community will rise much higher than its woman!

If we keep calling our women “females dogs”, and “garden tools”, can we expect good things  from those who will often be the first teacher of our children.  We need to address the treatment of black women immediately! They have carried the torch on so many occasions where we as black men where absent.  Let’s not allow them to carry this torch alone any more. You are called to be a champion, and there isn’t a way to be a champion like you can as a follower of Christ! I know that your nationalistic brothers will call you sissies, and punks, but there is no other name under the Heavens where you can be saved except by the name of Jesus! You are not weak for following He that has forgiven your every sin! Even though you see the many flaws of those that God has called to his service, yours truly included, God Is Yet On The Throne! All of your concerns can be answered in Him!

I believe that being a follower of Christ is the wisest decision that any black man, or any other man for that matter can make. He is a Provider, a Way-Maker, a Friend, and a Comforter as no other! Jesus eats the impossible for breakfast, so only Jesus can appropriately address the impossible-looking problems that beset Black America! I believe that your rise from obscurity, and your ascent into viability will only come from your acceptance of Jesus Christ! I am proud to be a Black Christian Man In America, and you should be to! His love and His matchless power can change your life! Let Him change your life on today! Join Me As A Proud Black Christian Man In America! God can cause us to be fruitful in the land of our affliction!

Respectfully Submitted,

Pastor Stephen F. Smith