The Memphis Tigers Have 1 More Game to Win!

The Memphis Tigers Have 1 More Game to Win!

Kudos to Superintendent Milton R. Hawkins!

Kudos to Superintendent Milton R. Hawkins! I have not commented much publicly about some of the situations at my former home church, Temple of Deliverance Church of God in Christ in Memphis,Tennessee. I have not agreed with some of the recent happenings there, but I will always love this church. However; I would like to take this opportunity to richly commend Superintendent Milton R. Hawkins on his new television broadcast which recently started airing on a local television affiliate in Memphis,Tennessee. This broadcast can only be viewed in the Memphis and Mid South Area at this particular time. Yet, I am very sure that this area will not be the only area in the future to be blessed by this broadcast. The broadcast was professional, and Superintent Hawkins preached a good word that was sound. Keep up the good work and my compliments on a job well done!