Bishop Norman Wagner Dies!

Bishop Norman Wagner Dies! Bishop Wagner was a great preacher, and he was also a former Presiding Bishop of The Pentecostal Assemblies Of The World! He was 68 years old! I am not a member of PAW, but I know that this preacher will be greatly missed! I am praying for his family, his church, his denomination, and the Christian World! Bishop Norman Wagner Made a Difference! He did so for all of his 68 years! Many of the Fathers of Faith Are Crossing Over!

This Preacher Always Had A Stately Presence!  He was a class act!

News Story On Bishop Wagner’s Death


Preach Stephen.Com’s Word For The Day!

You Are Saved By Grace, And Not By Works! However; Grace Is Invisible, So Are Good Intentions! Men Can See Your Good Works, When They Do They Will Glorify Your Father In Heaven! Take Your Gift From Under Wraps! Let It Shine Today!

Pastor Stephen F. Smith

Restoration Is The Word Of The Day!

Restoration Is The Word Of The Day! The Word For The Day Is Restoration! Over the last several years, so many have lost so much! Homes, Cars, Relationships, Marriages, & Loved Ones! God Can Restore Whatever You Have Lost! If this isn’t for you, pass it on to someone that needs it! I promise you that many need to hear this! God Can Restore As No Other!

Pastor Stephen F. Smith

7 Nuggets On Dealing With Folks With Ill Intentions Towards You!

Nugget #1-Word For Someone-The plot at work that some are conceiving will not work! God Sees Them & He Will Nail Their Plans To The Wall! The secret plots of others never gets by your God! He was at their secret meeting to! Somebody Hold My Mouse! Hey Hey!

Nugget #2-After Watching The President Last Night, It Sunk In That There Will Always Be Those That Don’t Like You! You must determine whether you want to be popular, or powerful! Popularity is fleeting, when you do it on your own! So Face It, Some Folks Will Never Like You! Yet the sweetest revenge, is when they have to sit at a table that God has already prepared for you! God Is Preparing Invites For Your Greatest Adversaries!

Nugget #3-I am praying that God makes you Hater-Proof & Hater-Resistant on today! May all of the plans of your greatest haters be nullified on today!

Nugget #4-I See A Whole Day Full Of God’s Backing Up Of Your Opposition! Hey You Back Up! Now Back Up Some More! Hey You Over There, You Back Up To! Someone needed this!

Nugget #5-I know that you can’t control the bag that others might come out of, but you can control your response to it! Think it not strange, when folks flip on you! You are not in control of all of your environment, but you are in control of your response to it! People will change on you period! If they do, are they really the 1st to do so? Love God First, & Then Love Others & Yourself Enough To Not Head For The Bridge When Others Change!

Nugget #6-Is This Not The Carpenter’s Son? Some folks will never get over what you used to be, but that is there hangup isn’t it? Let them stay stuck on what you used to be, but you need to be bold enough to see who you will soon become! Your Used To Be Is Over! The Best Is Yet To Come For You!

Nugget #7-If God Be For You, Who Can Be Against You!

Special Bonus Nugget-Humiliation never lasts forever! Others will find another person’s downfall to relish over, long after they have forgotten about you!

Pastor Stephen F. Smith

Preach Stephen.Com’s Word For The Day!

Every now and then, that ugly duckling will turn into a swan! Swans tend to have great memories! They remember how you treated them before they came into their own! Be careful how you entertain others! You never no who, and what they may become! If You Laugh At Their Now, You Might Cry When They Come Into Their “Then”! This is a Life Lesson!

Pastor Stephen F. Smith

Preach Stephen.Com’s Word For The Day!

I know that so many of you are waiting for things to get back to normal! What if normal never comes back? Can you deal with a “new normal”? Waiting for things to get back to normal, is often a waste of time! If you are waiting on perfect conditions, you will never get anything done! Stop walking out of your door looking for normal, transformed people should rarely encounter normal! Break Off Your Love Affair With Normal! Be ye not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind! Preach Boy Preach!

Pastor Stephen F. Smith

Has The Church Overcame Race? Let’s Pray That It Will!

Has The Church Overcame Race? Let’s Pray That It Will! Martin Luther King, Jr. once inferred that 11 AM on a Sunday Morning is the most segregated hour on the Christian Calendar! Are we pushing forward to a Segregated Heaven? In the Memphis Area there are several rising multicultural congregations! Most times these congregations are led by White Senior Pastors, who are taking in an influx of black members! Why isn’t the inverse more common? Why don’t more ethnicity sit under Black Senior Pastors? There will be many that will rush to answer this quickly, but there are so few congregations where there are a majority of white members who sit under the leadership of a Black Senior Pastor! There are instances where there are joint ministry teams of several elasticities, can we see a church where we see many that would be led by a Black Senior Pastor? I know that the ambiance of a black church is something to take in, it is different, but can we get past the tendency to omit discussing this?

I know that God transcends color, but have we gotten past color in the church? I listen to many preachers of all hues, I love the Word of God period! Yet it is baffling with all of the renown black evangelists that draw crowds of all shades, yet they never have an overwhelming number of other races in their church! Bishop G. E. Patterson when he was alive, once spent nearly $20,000 on billboards to promote the races assembling to praise God. His “Let’s Exalt His Name Together” Billboards were everywhere, but to very little avail! Bishop Patterson’s audiences often contained many whites who enjoyed his preaching, but they never joined the church! Has the Black Church Failed, or do the many blacks that leave it, feel that they have arrived? Can we ever expect to see God, when some can’t even get past race? I will acknowledge that the Black Church has had its issues, but it remains a great force in The Kingdom of God! I know that many of you are taken back, by my use of the title, Black Church, but I stand by its very existence, because it has carried people of color through so much! Can we dialogue?

Relentless In My Pursuit of Him,
Pastor Stephen F. Smith