I’m Satisfied with Jesus Alone!

Many times in the course of one’s Christian walk, one will find that one is not walking in the same direction as the crowd. In the whole of the Scriptures very few men and women that were used mightily by God, followed the same course as the crowd. These men and women stuck out as a sore thumb, they were ostracized by friends, family, and their foes for their stances on what God had ordained for them to do. I remeber a quote that I heard once and that quote stated, ” That one man’s heretic is another man’s denominational founder”. The founder of the Church of God in Christ, Bishop C. H. Mason, was ostracized by the mainstream Churches in America and treated as if he was a heretic. Well some 100 years later, The Church of God in Christ, Inc. , has grown as swiftly as any other Christian Denomination in America!

Great God appointed leaders will not reap the approval of the masses, because seldom will they conform to this world’s systems. It this is my lot, I accept what this will bring. I watched my Spiritual Father, Bishop Gilbert E. Patterson suffer persecution many times without a cause. Every one celebrated with him when he captured the office of Presiding Bishop of The Church of God in Christ, Inc. yet I will submit that he also had his share of fair weather friends. I don’t look for approval from man, but from God because if many will promote me, what happen’s when that man changes his mind? I am simply happy with Jesus alone! He saved me, he raised me, he sustains me, he is the Keeper of My Soul! Yes, I’m satisfied with Jesus alone!

Pastor S. F. Smith-www.thesurehouse.com