Can You Shout a Victory Shout in the Midst of a Struggle?

Can You Shout a Victory Shout in the Midst of a Struggle? The Bible is a book that is full of people who were not ashamed to praise, magnify, and worship God at all times. The Bible is also full of people that were given to much expression in their renderings of praise to their God! There are not many in the Holy Writ that were given to deep contemplative thought. The Bible is full from cover to cover with people who were unabashed in their praise and worship of their God. Why would one see a sporting event that is full of very excited fans, and then attend a church that is full of the chosen frozen?

Hasn’t God already been good enough for us all to render at least one victory shout? If one doesn’t have anything that one feels like he or she can be excited about, then one should reflect on the many adversities that one has already overcome, and we all should be excited that we are not dead and gone! Acts Chapter 16 records the story of Paul and Silas who led a praise chorus when they were in the midnights of their lives. Are you on the brink of devastation? Do you hear and feel the footsteps of the enemy? Has time and chance become an adversary of yours? Do you ask yourself, “When Will This Battle Be Over, So I Can Shout”? Child of God shouting in the midst of a battle is just something that all can’t perceive. Everyone can do so when they are running the victory lap at a race. Can you do it in the midst of the struggle?

Can God expect you to render up his praises when you are going through some of the darkest times of your life? Paul and Silas did just that by rendering the praises of God at a virtual midnight of their lives. It may not be midnight in your life, but isn’t the God that gave you this 11.59 moment in your life still  worthy of all of your praises? The God that we serve inhabits the praises of his people, can you bring God on the scene in the darkest of times? I wholeheartedly believe that you can! Our God is worthy of all of the praises and all of the honor that we can give! Can you praise him in the heat of the battle? I am going to keep praising God at all times. We serve a God that holds the worlds in his hands! I am giving God one of those Pre-Victory Shouts! Are you one that can only shout post-victory shouts? I think that is so unfortunate, if that is your position. God is looking to reward those that are diligently seeking him. The victory is ours if we are not afraid to shout in the midst of all of our struggles. Come on right now in the midst of all that you are going through, & Praise God with your all! God will then send your battles into overtime, and we will take the victory there.

I am praying that God will send you your share of God’s “and suddenly’s”! Praise God before the breakthrough and watch how God will break through any and all on your behalf! May your blessings run out like a rapidly running water pipe, that has a gaping hole in it! Even if you are looking at the scoreboard of life and there seems to be little time to put your team over the top, Praise God any how! Praise God any way! Our God is the only wise and true God! Let’s resolve to never get tired of shouting his praises. As a parent any of us should know how when one’s kids brag on them; that one wants to truly gives one’s kids the world. What about our Heavenly Father who longs to reward those that sing his praises? Get your team’s pom-poms! Get the flag girls together! Find the cheerleaders! Now shout your victory shout! Right where you are praise the God who is worthy of all of our praises! Our God is Holy! Our God is true! Our God is always victorious in battle! Can You Shout a Victory Shout in the Midst of a Struggle? When you can then you will have broken through on the next level of faith!

I believe that faith in a struggle demonstrates that one truly believes in the God that all say that they serve! Are you one of those that are bold enough, to shout God’s praises in a tough place? In the midst of your struggle, God is yet God! He sits high and he looks low! Let’s shout a victory shout that will put the enemy on the run! One of the greatest ways to resist the devil is by our offerings of an in spite of praise! In spite of all the melancholy things happening in your life, praise God right there! God is victorious over our every struggle.  Praise God in the heat of the battle! I truly believe that the victory is ours! You day will come! Your moment will come! God has made us the victors in the end! Let’s Give God another Victory Shout right Now! How about giving God a touchdown dance, even when you are on your own 1 yard line! I see the day coming where your will enter in end zone of your choice! Stay blessed! Don’t be afraid to Praise God even when you are behind enemy lines!

Loving God More Every Day,
Pastor Stephen F. Smith