Believing God in Tense Times!

Does one’s faith get its greatest test when the skies are exceptionally beautiful, or does one’s faith shine the clearest when there are severe storms looming? I have never seen a day where so many people seem to be looking for direction as to which way to go in this blinding storm that we call life. The litmus test for any believer’s wherewithal is how that man or woman responds in tense times. We are now living in a day of panic attacks, pill popping, and so many nervous maladies that one can hardly believe what some are going through on a daily basis. Fear has seemingly become the order of the day.

With the economic downturn, many have seen their faith in this world’s systems and markets as being exceptionally misplaced. How many used to brag about the power of their 401K? How many sited having a job at one of the American Automobile Manufacturers as a job of prestige? How many believed that the Real Estate Boom of the last decade would continue forever? Wait now God wasn’t my faith supposed to keep me at the very top of my industry? God where has my industry gone? These are questions that many are pondering at current!

I humbly submit to you that one’s faith never shines brighter than when one’s faith shines in a crisis. It would seem that one’s very presence in a storm would contradict the fact that this individual has faith at all. Child of God storms and trouble are scriptural! Trouble has you M. O. it knows how to find you on nearly any day that you see the sun rising!Afflictions and adversities will always be a part of the puzzle on this Earth. Are you bold enough to believe when all of the circumstances around you seem to be bleak?

Should God really expect you to walk by faith and not by sight when all that you are seeing is so gloomy? Is this faith thing really real? Does God really expect little old me to fight this huge battle all alone? Doesn’t God see my tears and feel my pain? My hands are shaking, my knees are buckling, and I am wondering where in the world if God in  the midst of all that I am going through. Does God really think that I can see him through this dense fog of my murky situation?

Oh Where , Oh Where has my God Gone? Is God really still on the job? Grandma and mom always said that God would bring me through, where is there God now? I am looking desperately for God, why can’t he be found? Doesn’t God see that it is not my brother, my sister, and not any of my other family members, but it’s me that’s standing in the need of prayer?

Child of God you may have asked yourselves or others these questions on many occasions. I can boldly state that God is looking for those who are able to use faith in tense times. Should we believe in the harshness of our case more than we believe in the God that has never lost a case? In the midst of the trying time that you are going through, God is yet God! Our God has already declared the end from the beginning, and our God rarely accepts any invitations to one’s pity parties.

Can you believe God in tense times? Do you believe that God can restore all that the enemy has taken? Do you believe that God is big enough to handle the job? Can you see past the economic, relational, and health crises in your life? Can your faith past the test? Does your faith need a mountain top to exhibit itself? Is your faith operative in the valleys of life? My brother and my sister we need to walk by the Word of God and not by the things that we see, hear, taste, touch, smell, and experience.

The word of God is the only sure foundation and proper guide in tense times. Tense Times are for those of us that travel this Earth as men and women, and never for our Omnipotent God! God is never afraid of your trail because he sees the deliverance that he has already orchestrated for you! Do you still believe that God is a rewarder of those that diligently seek him?Is there any time that one could show that one is diligently seeking God than when one chooses to believe God in tense times?

We serve A God that can deliver no matter how harsh the situation is! I see God looking over the sapphire sills of Heaven’s Gate at you and your case! I see God richly rewarding any and all that will continue to walk by faith in these days where one is surrounded by so much darkness! Forget the fluff and the flossing, the pains that you are feeling right now are no match for your God! Yes that God that grandma used to talk about is still in the deliverance business! Our God can deliver you from the many afflictions that life can through one’s way!

Can you believe God in tense times? Can you believe God when your money is funny and your change is strange? Can you believe God when that marriage that was supposedly made in Heaven starts to crumble? Is this God the one for crisis times? Stop asking these questions! No matter how the wicked seems to be prospering at every turn, God still has your day of victory in store! Keep believing God in tense times, and as the old preacher used to say It Will Pay Off After a While! This too shall pass! Keep the faith in these tense times, it is all that you can count on! God bless you and I will see you at the next induction ceremony of the Hall of Faith!

Respectfully Submitted,
Pastor Stephen F. Smith