My Job Has Pulled the Rug Out From Under Me!

My Job Has Pulled the Rug Out From Under Me! This is a cry that so many are saying on a daily basis. Many are wondering how can this job which I gave my all to for so many years pull the rug out from under me? The economic downturn has led to massive layoffs, and many of those that are gainfully employed have found themselves nervous on a daily basis about the status of their jobs. One’s job doesn’t only provide income, for many it gives one a sense of identity and accomplishment. In this climate undoubtedly there are employers that will use these crisis times to their advantage.

I was told of a firm that is making record profits that is laying people off to stay in step with what other firms are doing.Many of the larger firms are playing a game of smoke and mirrors because of the economic climate. Well my brother and sister, I know that the pain of losing a job that you gave your all is tough, but remember that God has yet to file his first Bankruptcy Petition! Can a God that has sustained his people through ravens, manna, a few fish, barley loaves, and by so many other methods still provide for you when your job pulls the rug from under you?

When your brook dries up always remember that Jesus is your source! God has something great in store for you! You are not a reject! You may have lost a job, but you are no one’s throw away! Wipe the dust off of your feet, square up your shoulders and realize that the same God that has provided for you for ages can do it right now! God and only God is our sustainer! When they pull the rug from you, always realize that God has a window, a door, a path, a hiding place, a blessing, an enablement, a breakthrough, and so many good things ahead of you that it would take volumes to record! Your Heavenly Father wants to give you the Kingdom, and he can do that without your former employer’s permission!

It is indeed my most sincere prayer that God will give you witty inventions, and golden nuggets to create wealth in your chosen field of employment, or as an entrepreneur! Don’t let this bump on the road stop you from the greatness God is calling you to! God and God alone gives you the power to get wealth! Hold to God’s unchanging hand and watch God work for you! Your employer may have moved the cheese, but know that God always has a way to provide “cheese” for his own! My prayers are for each of you that has felt the bitter pill of being laid off, or losing a job! God is yet a provider and a sustainer! God can restore as no other can! The Halls of Greatness are filled with those who once heard, “You Are Fired!” Them letting you go left you in a free fall for God to catch you, and put your thing back together! God is at work in his laboratory and he has destined you for greatness despite this bump in the road!

Relentless in My Pursuit of Him,
Pastor Stephen F. Smith