Another Man’s Blessing?

I heard a simple but powerful statement made by Pastor Jasper W. Williams Jr. in one of his messages. Pastor Williams stated that “Another Man’s Blessing is Not Your Loss”. This statement was profound to me for the following reasons. It lets us know that God’s coffers don’t go bankrupt when he blesses another individual. It’s as if the world promotes the thought that an individual’s blessings are usually at the expense of another individual. However; we serve a God with unlimited resources. We serve a God that states that “The Silver is Mine and the Gold is Mine”. The Psalmist boldly extolled in Psalm 24 verse 1 that “The Earth is the Lords and the Fulness Thereof, the World, and They that Dwell Therein”. This thought was also confirmed by Psalm 50 verse 12 where God states that the world is mine, and the fulness thereof. We serve a God that owns the cattle on a thousand hills. Our God’s resources are never depleted by God’s blessing of another individual.

Why are there”haters” in the church? The history of haters in the church goes back to the book of Genesis with classic haters such as Cain and Joseph’s brothers. Each of these individuals were so caught up in how God was blessing another that it led each of them into horrible acts. Why would one go to the bridge over the blessing of another? The scriptures state that God is not a respecter of persons, and as a matter of fact when it rains on the just it also rains on the unjust. When Bill Gates or President Bush comes to my city and it is raining outside they will feel the same drops of rain that I feel. Our God is immutable, which means that he isn’t subject to change. When one lives in a world with folks who change six to seven times a year it is hard to grasp that there is a God that won’t change. The same God that he was for your foreparents is the same God that he will be for you and your children’s children. Immutability is only a characteristic of the Throne Room! Only God doesn’t change. Which brings us to the thought that if God is not a respecter of persons, Why does it seem like only others have been blessed? This thought is a root cause of jealously. We want what our brothers and sisters have.

Our society is so bent on the commercial and the material and it seems like the only race that others are concerned about is the rat race. We want to get things before others do, and we want to have things that others don’t. There is not a shortage of resources in God’s kingdom. There is simply no secret what God will do, what he has done for others he will do the very same for you. Another man’s blessing is not your loss! If that man has an awsome wife, or if that woman has an awesome husband, please realize that they were not the only great individuals that God has made. We live in a world with over 6.5 Billion people somewhere in those numbers is a mate or a wonderful friend for you. The nicest home in your city would probably pale in comparison to the nicest home in another city. They have not stopped building nice homes. God is in charge of the resources of the universe and there is simple not a reason to be envious of another. We serve a God who holds the affairs of men in his hands. We serve a God who has both the heavens and the earth in his possession. We serve a God that can bless you at a moment’s notice. Due season always comes! Keep your eyes looking up and remember when the outlook is gloomy, that the uplook is glorious! My God shall supply all your needs according to his riches in Glory by Christ Jesus. In glory there are streets of Gold and walls of Jasper. In glory there are gates of Pearls. Our God’s supply is inexhaustible! Another man’s blessing is not your loss! Why grieve over what the next man has? His blessing did not come from your supply! God is still in the blessing business! What God Has For Me It Is For Me!

Pastor Stephen F. Smith

Sure House Church, Inc.