We Can Trust God!

We Can Trust God! Richard Smallwood and Vision sing about how trustworthy our God is!

Richard Smallwood!

Richard Smallwood gives us another Gospel Classic with his Anthem of Praise!

COGIC Mike Passings!

Here are some of the famous COGIC Mike Passings! COGIC Mike Passings consist of the many Noted COGIC Gospel Music Artists combining their awesome talents together on one song. The first COGIC Mike Passing featured is from a COGIC Holy Convocation that starts with Mother Mattie Moss Clark, then Daryl Coley, Richard Smallwood, Karen Clark-Sheard, Dorinda Clark-Cole and then Dr. Betty Ransom Nelson. The second clip and third clips features too many artists to name!


Jesus You Are the Center of My Joy!

Jesus You Are the Center of My Joy!

Enjoy these Musical Selections from the Funeral of the Late Rev. James Cleveland!

Enjoy these Musical Selections from the Funeral of the late Rev. James Cleveland! These clips are awesome, and listening to them takes me back to Annual Choir Days in the 80’s!

Chaka Khan Singing With Richard Smallwood!

Chaka Khan Singing With Richard Smallwood!

Bishop Jakes in Huge Washington, D. C. New Years Revival!


Bishop Jakes in Huge Washington, D. C. New Years Revival! First Baptist Church of Glenarden, and Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church of Washington, D. C. are having a 3 night revival featuring, Bishop T. D. Jakes, as their guest speaker each night! Tye Tribbett, Richard Smallwood, and Tramaine Hawkins are the featured musical guests! Will D. C. come out in mass for this revival? Both Churches are sure planning that they will because the meeting will be held at The Washington , DC Convention Center! There are certainly many  in the D. C. area that will be blessed by this meeting!

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