The Day After!

This is the initial day after the various rememberances, memorial services, and funeral services for the late Bishop G. E. Patterson since his passing. It is still kind of stunning that he is actually gone from our midst. The loss will be felt by his wife, his family, his staff, Temple of Deliverance COGIC, The Church of God in Christ, Black America, Christian Television, and the entire Body of Christ. What can we do to carry on his legacy of Christian Excellence? Will we continue to hear sermons against sin on Christian television now that Bishop Patterson is gone? What men will fill the void? Will our messages of hope mirror his? Will any preach the gospel as he did? These are all questions that our Heavenly Father will answer in the days to come. The Body of Christ has had an incredible loss, but God will always provide what his people need! We still serve a God that is yet in control and still on the throne!