The Power of The Holy Ghost!

The late Bishop G. E. Patterson preaches on The Power of The Holy Ghost!

You Need The Holy Ghost!

The late Bishop Gilbert E. Patterson tells the Saints that You Need The Holy Ghost!

Rev. Herman Murray

Enjoy the Rev. Herman Murray who is an anointed vessel of Jesus Christ!

Holy Ghost Filled Services!

Pastor Wille James Campbell of Chicago, Illinois has led many Holy Ghost Filled Services!

Unmistaklenly Pentecostal

This choir from Full Gospel Holy Temple in Texas is Unmistaklenly Pentecostal! They are singing powerfully about the Power of the Holy Ghost! I feel the Power in this clip!

Holy Ghost

Kim Burrell sings about the Holy Ghost. She has a gift that many would literally fight for. May she continue to pursue God and excellence in her endeavors!

Bishop Patterson’s Preaching

The late Bishop G. E. Patterson preaches about the name of Jesus. Enjoy this Bible-Based, Bible-Believing, Holy Ghost-Filled preacher. We will miss him dearly!