Preach Stephen.Com’s Words For The Day!

I see forces trying to pull you down! I see forces trying to keep you down! You are indeed in a fight, but I see you like the old toys, The Weebles! They wobbled, but they didn’t stay down! Even if your way is weebling and wobbling, Praise God That You Are Not Staying Down! Rumors of your demise were exceptionally premature! Get Up To The Amazement & Consternation Of Your Enemies! Get Up Now!

Make the most of where you are! There is always someone in life that wins the day, despite bleak circumstances! You Can To! There can be triumph in the same place that you once shed tears! Don’t let the tears stop you! There is an entire life that can be chiseled out of your place of tears! You Can Win Despite Your Current State of Being! If life threw you a curve, hit a homer with it!

Pastor Stephen F. Smith