When Tragedy Knocks at Your Door?

When Tragedy Knocks At Your Door? Many of us are often taken by surprise by much that happens in life. Sometimes tragedy itself even finds its way to our door. My prayers are with any of you that have been snared by one or more of the many “gotchas” that life can throw one’s way! You are not alone there is no temptation taken you, but such that is common unto man! There is someone somewhere that has had it as bad as you have, and believe it or not there is someone that has had it worse. My prayers are that God would apply his healing balm to all that ails you! You may be numb by the intense pain that some “life events” throws our way! God is a deliverer and a protector without compare. The same way that he delivered those in the Holy Writ from lion’s dens, fiery furnaces, Red Seas, drought, famine, pestilence, angry seas, enemy invasions, vengeful armies, and so many other adversaries, can still deliver you from anything that has taken you by surprise!

God is yet on the Throne! God Isn’t Slipping! God Can Still Do It! God Can Still Deliver! God has the answer to your dilemma! God has the answer to your crisis! God has the answer to your affliction! God has you on the screen of his “Omniscient GPS”, and yes my brother and sister he is tracking you and your progress! We serve a God that never slumbers and sleeps! We serve a God that is always on post! We serve a God that is always watching over you! Your God is bigger than any tragedy that the enemy had meant for your evil, and he consistently turns it around for your Good! Be Blessed and you are still the apple of God’s Eyes! When life throws a curve, God is a catcher unlike any in the annals of baseball history! He can catch the mean curve balls that the enemy throws, and he can turn it around for your good!

Your Brother in the Struggle,
Pastor Stephen F. Smith