It’s Complicated?

In the social networking world where it seems that everyone has a social networking profile somewhere, there is a line that is often used to describe one’s relationships, or one’s availability. All over the social networking world regardless of what site one is on, you will see the moniker “It’s Complicated”! There are scores of these all over the Web! Our relationships seem to be under attack. This isn’t just a case of lovesick lovers, but there are many families that have squabbles over the silly and the ridiculous and haven’t spoke to each other in years.

Why are we having such a problem with our relationships in this day? The problem is not just with the one that you are dating or married to, but many of us have challenges clicking with our fellow siblings. Is this pressure cooker called life so hot and so intense that it would even make loving our own complicated? I am not passing judgment on anyone, but this is a call for prayer for all of the relationships with others that we have! I want to hear from you on this one!

Relentless in My Pursuit of God,
Pastor Stephen F. Smith