Can You Pass The Strength Test?

Can You Pass The Strength Test? One’s strength is not determined by mountaintop experiences! It is determined by how one deals with the valleys of life! How can you possibly know how strong you are, if you haven’t been through anything? The proof is in the pudding, don’t call yourself a prayer warrior when the times are peaceful. Who attends motivational seminars by those who haven’t gone through anything? Grace and Power usually follows those who are not afraid of being in the heat of the battle! Success usually follows blood, sweat, tears, and pain most times!

How can one know God as a healer if one has never been sick? How can one know God as a way -maker if one has never needed to have a way made! God’s strength is made perfect(Mature,Whole, Complete) in weakness! Maybe we should thank God for the thorns, thistles, and sticker bushes we have to face in life! You are better because of it! Let that valley that you are going through right now prepare you for the sheer greatness that I am praying will come your way real soon! I see you in the future looking a whole lot better than you look right now!

Stay in the Chase,
Pastor Stephen F. Smith